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  1. wleigh1021

    please help me pick a hatchery

    This fall I ordered for the first time from a hatchery (Meyers) and want to do so again in the spring. I ordered a standard Cochin on a whim and now I need more gentle giants who wear pants LOL. I've narrowed it down to Murray McMurray and Ideal and here are my pro's/cons: I'm interested in LF...
  2. wleigh1021

    Baby chicks with Mama chicken will they be safe

    I finally let my broody hen have baby chicks they are a week old and it will get down to the teens this week. do I need to bring them into the garage? they have a cozy Coop heater in the brooder area of the coop and also a water heater.
  3. wleigh1021

    baby chick with leg issue

    I ordered chicks through the mail for the first time because I've been dying for some salmon faverolles and don't want to wait until spring. The hatchery had 3 left so I ordered all 3 and of course one SF came dead and another SF came with the leg issue. Just my luck... anyways, I'm not sure if...
  4. wleigh1021

    Broody hen, will she continue as she gets older?

    I have a hen going on 3 years old. She consistently goes broody about 3x a season and I'm just curious, will she always continue to go broody or will that lesson as her egg production drops off? She is a Basque hen. I am letting her sit on eggs for the first time . She did adopt 5 week old...
  5. wleigh1021

    Tylan 50 no longer available?

    My rooster sounds like he has a respiratory infection. I keep Tylan 50 on hand just in case but my supply is running low so I looked online to buy more and it looks like no one has it available. I can't find 200 either. Is there a problem going on with the manufacturer? Does anyone recommend a...
  6. wleigh1021

    Update on rooster with infection, still need help

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a new thread so I could hopefully get more views and therefore input. I have a rooster 2 years old and last Friday (9 days ago) I noticed he has a swollen crusty spot on his butt about the size of a lemon. It includes his vent and the area above it under his tail...
  7. wleigh1021

    Infection on rooster

    Does anyone know what this is on my poor rooster's butt? And how to treat it? I put vetricyn and triple antibiotic cream on it. I think I had the same thing on a pullet last year and she died
  8. wleigh1021

    Sapphire olive egger from Hoover's hatchery

    Does anyone else have these from this year? I have just one hatched in mid March and is yet to start laying. Her comb and wattles have been red for months so I thought she would be my first layer from this group but she is my last! Even my rooster shows no interest in her. She has no crest so...
  9. wleigh1021

    Chicks moving inside eggs day 21?

    Today is day 21 but 12/15 chicks hatched yesterday and last night. One that was pipped this morning just hatched. I have 2 eggs left that haven't hatched. When candling one pipped internally and one has not. I saw no movement and heard no sounds from either. I'll leave them in the incubator for...
  10. wleigh1021

    4 Easter Egger (2) week old pullets for sale North Jersey

    Chicken math got the best of me and I need to reduce my chick stock! I am selling these 4 chicks that I picked up at TSC. They are all easter egger pullets about 2 weeks old. Looking to sell at 4 for $10. Located in Long Valley, NJ. They just started getting in their shoulder feathers.
  11. wleigh1021

    Baby chick pool

    Me and my coworkers are doing a baby pool for our pregnant friend. So I figured why limit it to just human babies?? Lol now we also have a "baby" pool going for my chicks due on 3/16. The suspense will kill them on gender as they'll have to wait almost 2 months to find out
  12. wleigh1021

    Multi level run?

    Has anyone "created" extra space in their run by making it multi level (other than a roost)? I am helping my neighbor plan her new coop using an existing shed but there's not a ton of space for the run so I'm trying to think of ways to get creative.
  13. wleigh1021

    amoxicillin vs penicillin

    I posted a thread last week about some nasty infections my chicken has. I suspect she was attacked by a hawk as I found a dead chicken in the yard and saw what I think is a cooper's hawk in the yard. Unfortunately I missed the...
  14. wleigh1021

    Infection or tumor??

    I just noticed 2 huge growths on my pullet. She is still walking fine and eating and drinking but these things are HUGE I feel so bad for her. A hawk attacked my chickens on Friday and killed one. Possible this is an infection from the attack? Growth in picture is on shoulder of wing. Another...
  15. wleigh1021

    ethical practices for marek's

    I am waiting on a blood test result for marek's as my necropsy was not definite. There were no results mentioned for lesions/tumors. Sciatic nerve was SLIGHTLY inflamed. Bird tested positive for high levels of worms and cocci which I was told is high in the soil in my area. However, I have been...
  16. wleigh1021

    Free ranging logistics issue

    Unfortunately I built my coop before I fenced in my yard and the way we have our sheds and coop set up we couldn't run the fence around the coop. So when I'm home and free range the chickens I have to chase, catch, and carry to and from the yard. Can anyone think of an easier way to transfer...
  17. wleigh1021

    Icelandics vs swedish flower

    Hi everyone! I am considering both of these breeds for my backyard for the following reasons. Can anyone tell me if you prefer one breed over the other? Or if you love either of these breeds, why? Thanks so much! 1. Hardiness/Ability to free range in winter (my birds won't even go out in the...
  18. wleigh1021

    coccidiosis won't go away

    Back in April I had a necropsy done on one of my roo's that died. It was determined that I had a high concentration of coccidiosis and worms and it was possible but not definite that he had marek's. I disinfected the coop with DuPont Virkon multiple times and also later with an ammonia solution...
  19. wleigh1021

    Marek's suggestions wanted

    My neighbors chicken appears to have Marek's. She can't use one leg but still gets in and out of the coop on her own and hasn't lost any weight. She's been like this for about 3 weeks. At first she hopped around on one leg but now she doesn't move around much because her leg seems to get in the...
  20. wleigh1021

    Marek's but has energy?

    My neighbors chicken isn't using one leg. It pretty much lays limp but she has a little control of it and the toes. If she uses it she walks on the elbow. She is about 5 months old. Normally I would say this is Marek's but she has a lot of energy. She hops around on her one good leg like a...
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