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  1. Flock Master64

    Chicken Head Shots

    My Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington cockerel Flint My Amber-Link hen Jelly Bean My White Leghorn hen What's Up My Amber-Link hen Antoinette/ Miss Tony My Amber-Link hen Merliena My Olive Egger pullet Raven Olivia My Buff Brahma pullet Annika ( aka my favorite ;) )
  2. Flock Master64

    Spring Time Chickens

    Buff Brahma: Annika
  3. Flock Master64

    My Friends

    Chickluvinfreak Mackenzie and I have been friends just about as long as I've been on BYC. We met on a role play thread and became good friends very quickly, probably because of how much we have in common. It's always fun talking with Mackenzie about all the weird stuff we do and other things...
  4. Flock Master64

    Ma Flock

    My Amber-Link Jelly-Bean aka The Bean. She's the top hen in my flock. My Amber-Link Antoinette. She's the second highest hen in my flock. My last Amber-Link hen Merlina. She's number the 4 hen in my flock. My extremely grouchy White Leghorn named What's Up. She's the third highest hen in...
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