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  1. Athena116699

    I need to cull a pet. ideas?

    I bought chicks last year and one was a rooster. He has become very aggressive toward me. Flogs me every time he sees me. He is also tearing up my girls. One lady has lost her feathers to get skin. but the flogging is getting worse. Either some one can come get him (which I would rather) or...
  2. Athena116699

    Amsterdam Mo and I need Buff Orpington hens!!

    Hello I have one Buff Orpington and he turns out to be a roo...Please, I have no idea where to get a couple Buff Orp hens. I wanted only need for a roo because I'm a beginner...I love them. I also have two rir and two wyandottes..and one golden comet...I would love to have a couple...
  3. Athena116699

    When will they start laying?

    Hello I have a mixed flock; two RIR, two Wyandottes, one Golden Comet and I think my Buff Orp is a question...about when will these guys start laying? They are almost 16 weeks now. Thank you
  4. Athena116699

    Looking for Buff Orpingtons

    Hello I am new at this so please forgive me if I sound weird. I have a small flock, a couple Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds one Golden Comet and one Buff Orpington. Problem is my Buff is a male and I originally wanted a flock of I don't even have one hen. I didn't plan on keeping any...
  5. Athena116699


    Are you able to post a video on here? and how is it done? I tried to post a video using the little video icon at the top...but it didn't work. Thank you
  6. Athena116699

    roo or

    Hello I have rir, wyandotte...slw and golden laced, a golden comet and a buff orpington...I would love to see pictures of male and female of these breeds...I have a lot to learn and seeing pictures would really help. My babies are only 10 weeks old now, but starting to show differences and...
  7. Athena116699

    Feed and grit

    Hello, my babies are three weeks old now and I've just started giving them grit today. How much should I give them? I pretty much give them chick starter two or three times a day...but how much grit should I put in with it...or should I put some in everytime I fill their food bowl? They are...
  8. Athena116699

    Can I mix baby chicks

    I have 6 chicks and want to get a couple more and need to know if I can mix new babies with my three week old ones? Also, how old are they when you can let them go out to the coop, the brooder is getting small for them...what is the routine for the inbetween from brooder to the coop house? thank...
  9. Athena116699

    Going to the city and need to leave my babies

    Hello, tomorrow I need to go to the city for about 12 hours and my baby chicks are about two and a half weeks...three on fri...I am ok with the feed...they are in the brooder in my home..and spoiled...I hold them and play with them everyday...but I usually give them fresh water in a saucer about...
  10. Athena116699

    Sexing chicks by their feet?

    I have a question...someone I know checked my two week old chicks to sex them...she held them up by the nap of the neck and she said the ones that hold their feet down are male and if they hold their feet up they are female...I love my babies and I baby terrified my she...
  11. Athena116699

    Questions Please from a newbie

    I have 2 week old chicks...wondering if one turns out to be a wyandotte roo, a friend said it was, and my others are rir and comet and orpington would the eggs/babies be half wyandotte with all of them? and if a large egg layer has an egg by a bird that lays smaller eggs will it hurt her, like...
  12. Athena116699

    Roo and flock

    I have2 week old chicks...wondering if one turns out to be a wyandotte roo and my others are rir and comet and orpington with the eggs/babies be half wyandotte with all of them? and if a large egg layer has an egg by a bird that lays smaller eggs will it hurt her, like a large male dog with a...
  13. Athena116699

    Ants and wasp

    Hello, I would like to know when my babies are grown and go to the coop can they eat ants? wasp? Will they hurt them? The girl that moved just took her 37 chickens out of the coop a couple of weeks ago and upon checking it out and trying to get it ready for my little ones I found lots and lots...
  14. Athena116699

    Bird sticks

    Hello, my babies are a week and a half and I would like to know if I could put a regular bird stick in for them to play with. The kind that has bird seed on it..think its for parakeets. Another question ...sorry two in one...when can you tell if a roo is growing a (hackle)...I think thats what...
  15. Athena116699

    When can I hold my babies?

    I need to know how much (holding) is too much. I would love to hold and love my babies, 1 week old, but know better to hold them too much...I would also love for them to quit running from me like the plague. Also, I have one SLW that a friend said was a male...they were all female from the...
  16. Athena116699

    Kansas City, Kansas....Wyandotte county...

    Does anyone know the laws and ordinances in Kansas City Kansas Wyandotte county??
  17. Athena116699

    Baby chicks and free feeding

    I am new to this so my 3 day old babies and I are learning together. My question is I have been free feeding medicated chick feed, But not sure if I should, only feed in the morning and evening or is free feeding ok? The hatchery gave me some feed to start with then I bought my medicated food. I...
  18. Athena116699

    heartland vs cackle

    Hello, getting my first chicks like tomorrow...well either getting or ordering. I have heard a lot of good things about Cackle and came very close to already ordering...but then sending chicks threw mail sounds scary...on the other hand I just live down the road from Heartland Hatchery and...
  19. Athena116699

    New chicks and mice!!

    Hello, newbie here and getting my new chicks very soon.I am a lover and these babies are going to be so important ...I just can't wait....I am also new to the country...and loving it...problem they have been haying next to my home, renting, and my house is filling up with mice! These are fat...
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