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  1. gamebirdboy

    Hen With Swollen Wattles?

    I have this Buff Orp hen that has really swollen wattles. I just noticed it yesterday when I was putting her up for the night. They are very wide and tinted blue. The picture doesn't really show how blue it is, but you can tell it is swollen. There has been no changes in feed, ext. But I have...
  2. gamebirdboy

    Had to Give my Quail Away...

    As of now I only own four quail. A few days ago raccoons knocked the door off a cage and all of them but two were killed. I found one a few minutes ago. I've had coons and coyotes come almost every night and the neighbors don't like them at all. So I got rid of the quail and moved the chickens...
  3. gamebirdboy

    Help Me Choose...

    Okay, I'm gonna cook some birds today. So here's the question, how do I cook them? I like them no matter how I cook them, but I don't know how I like them best... So, how do I cook them? I have a propane grill, charcoal grill, and I can fry them. So which one and what should I do to them? I have...
  4. gamebirdboy

    Sharing Water Supply?

    I'm working on a new auto waterer and I'm picking up a few 55 gallon drums. I want to use one supply for all the drink cups. There will be about 10 cups, chicken and quail sized. I'm going to use PVC pipe to run the water to the cups and insulate it. I will hook a hose and float valve to it in...
  5. gamebirdboy

    Not This Time!

    I was setting on the deck and I heard birds fly everywhere, so I jumped up and ran to the quail pens. I saw two coons under the cage and one on top. I grabbed my bow and put a carbon shaft into the one on top and then I got one underneath the pen while he was running off. Does anyone know how...
  6. gamebirdboy

    Anyone Having Problems With facebook?

    Every time I try to log on it says server error or We are fixing this. Is anyone else having problems with it today? Thanks.
  7. gamebirdboy

    Why Tractor Supply Won't Carry Game Bird Starter

    First off, I personally don't believe a word of what this guy said, but here it goes... I walked in to buy some bedding and realized there was a new manager. I walked up to him and asked him why there was no pine shavings in the store. He told me they were in the back so I followed him there...
  8. gamebirdboy

    Who Did This?

    Two of my hens just went broody, and right now I don't have a rooster with those hens. The roosters I have are still in the grow out pen. I have a Buff Orpington that is my favorite, and a little black hen. Who Did this??? One of you is to blame, I know it! All the people having broodies made...
  9. gamebirdboy

    Guess What???

    It is possible to get work done AND be on BYC at the same time! I just broke a lot of beans from the garden while reading on here. Just thought I'd share that it is possible for us to still be productive even though some of us spend hours on here.
  10. gamebirdboy

    Post A Song!

    Okay, lets have some fun. Someone post a song, then the next person has to reply with a song. It can be any song related to the one above. Even if it is very distantly related, let's hear em.
  11. gamebirdboy

    Something Got 12 of My Quail!

    I put 53 two week old coturnix in a dog carrier overnight. They were in a shed that could use more ventilation so we left the door cracked about an inch at the bottom. The wire on the cage was 1 inch, they were only going to be in it one night because we had to finish putting the door on the new...
  12. gamebirdboy

    Please Help!

    Okay so my power went out and I have 90 quail eggs set. Should I stack blankets over the incubator? A lot have already hatched, and they started huddling.
  13. gamebirdboy

    Please Help!

    Okay so my power went out and I have 90 quail eggs set. Should I stack blankets over the incubator? A lot have already hatched, and they started huddling.
  14. gamebirdboy

    Well This Is Great...

    I have a hatch in process and we just lost power. My grandpa's old generator won't crank and I have 8 chicks out and more coming. We've had a lot of bad weather here lately and this hatch has already been through one power outage. Plus I have to clean up more trees. What is wrong with this weather?
  15. gamebirdboy

    Quail Are Hatching!

    I have 90 something eggs starting to hatch. I've got the brooder and popcorn ready. This is my largest hatch so far. They've been through a lot, I had to move them to a different place because we lost power, but didn't affect them.
  16. gamebirdboy

    Hatching Question

    I set a lot of eggs and since I have been told to hatch upright I put them in one of my flats. I was wondering if they will hatch alright in it. And I use this little temp gun, it reads different than my walmart thermometer so I trust it, should I trust it or the other one? Thanks
  17. gamebirdboy

    What is This Called?

    Okay, so I have a few roosters like this, the red head and the white and black bib on the face. I was wondering what this would be called.
  18. gamebirdboy

    24+ Jumbo Coturnix Quail Eggs

    Up for auction is 24+ Jumbo Coturnix Quail eggs. You will get different colors, but most will be Jumbo Brown, Tibetian, Tuxedo, and Manchurian. You might get some whites though. All colors are the same, and weigh the same. If you want a different amount or don't want to wait until the auction...
  19. gamebirdboy

    Goodbye Coons!

    So I lost a few Cornish X's and a layer to some coons. I set the live traps and a coyote tore them to pieces. Then a cat got some quail and a possum tried to get my rabbit's litter. So I killed the possum and now it's time to get the rest. Just fixed the traps and 30 minutes later we got a cat...
  20. gamebirdboy

    Is Everyone Loving This Heat?

    It's been in the 90's for weeks here and we haven't had a good rain for a few weeks either. The field was a dust bowl and my garden was dead, it just started raining! Now I can make some money mowing again. Who else hates this heat? I already lost a broody because of it, today seems cooler I...
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