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  1. chloezoebob101

    OMG!! FORGIVE HER FOR NOT LAYING THIS WEEK. One of our Australorp pullets had a big (145g) surprise

    I realize its rare, but i thought i would say I get one of those alot!
  2. chloezoebob101

    Animal abuse?!?

    that really stinks, at least you tried though!!
  3. chloezoebob101

    The 4th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long

    i couldnt understand her. was it just me? she was too quiet (and a bit showy), or something......
  4. chloezoebob101

    Stop smoking support thread...

    I dont smoke, but i can provide support! every time you want to smoke, grab a cracker or something (keep some on hand) and nibble it till the wanting goes away. also, you dont have to stop cold turkey :)
  5. chloezoebob101

    gangrene/bruise in thigh

    okay good, do you think it will heal?
  6. chloezoebob101

    Animal abuse?!?

    how did it turn out?
  7. chloezoebob101

    if there was a super bowl for chickens..

    what breed would you want to win?
  8. chloezoebob101

    I have auto sexing chicks and so far: 4 Roos and 2 pullets

    wait till they are 15 weeks, and till you are sure they are roos, and have some dinner. we personally have made some stupid mistakes in the past with keeping the roosters till they are big and manly, DONT. specially with the ratio. maybe keep one as the leader.
  9. chloezoebob101

    Attack of the Crazy Chicken Lady

    Im not a hat person, so instead of a hat I bought a henbag!! for christmas my dad got it in the mail a week before, and was so embarrassed because he thought it was real feathers not rubber, so when he gave it to me he ws laughing so hard bc he thought i also thought it was real feathers, no...
  10. chloezoebob101

    The 4th Annual BYC Easter Hatch-a-long

    I wont be able to join in, im overflowed, but i will be following y'all!
  11. chloezoebob101

    Would like to borrow an incubator for son's kindergarten class near Akron, Ohio.

    If you are looking for layers, wyandottes and orpingtons are not the chicks for you! they are friendly but not good producers, you would be better off with the americaunas and barred rocks and easter eggers.
  12. chloezoebob101

    gangrene/bruise in thigh

    I have a hen who broke her leg two weeks ago. I made her up a splint and separated her for a week, then let her back in with the others when she could walk. Yesterday I Took her splint off, and while fluffing her thigh feathers, I saw a flash of green. I looked further and it was This green/this...
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  14. chloezoebob101

    liiiiiddddddyyyyyyy come baccckkkkk

    liiiiiddddddyyyyyyy come baccckkkkk
  15. chloezoebob101

    What breed is she?

    i think she is a mix too, bc she just doesnt look familiar LOL i bet she is about a year old based on her eyes and stuff :)
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