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  1. kajira

    sexing ducks?

    Here's my flock. I had the white ones pre-sexed. 1 boy, 3 girls. The khaki cambells were a mixed run :( my layer 300's were all girls. my problem? is I don't know which ones are the boys and girls, and I'm not sure how many drakes they sent me in my 6 khaki cambells. I know I have at least...
  2. kajira

    Silkies! Pullets, or Roos?

    Pretty sure this guy's a roo : But's the only one I got, that looks clearly "Roo" ish. 99% sure she's a pullet (the white one, the other one's a purebred cochin who is Rexi's buddy.) (there's mr. Roo , with lucky.) Lucky is on the right -...
  3. kajira

    Chinese Geese

    I want some fertile hatching eggs. Will pay shipping + cost of eggs. for 5-8 hatching chinese geese eggs. Thanks.
  4. kajira

    Hand-raising baby chicks. Taming question?

    Ours will be officially "2" weeks old on wed. We left them alone the first 24-48 hours, and after that I check on them 3x a day. at least 2x a day, they come out of the bin now and can run around. I've googled "taming chick" stuff, and followed some of the recommended things, like reaching from...
  5. kajira

    Hmm one of my chicks...

    One of my chicks, that's supposed to be a hen is about twice the size of my other easter eggers. She's also solid brown. She doesn't look like the others to me, at all. And she's bigger than the "roosters" too.. I mean, granted they are still little right now... but watching "her" - it makes me...
  6. kajira

    Chicks 4 weeks apart?

    Our room upstairs reaches temps of 80-90 with AC during the daytime, we only use the heatlamp at night with AC on, or we would roast the chickens. (we had the heat lamp temps reach 117 before we figured out to just turn the darn thing off 90% of the time. LOL) Anyways, I'm moving the older...
  7. kajira

    It's probably been asked before - but when do you recommend

    Taking eggs and putting them in an incubator after chickens start laying eggs? My daughter's so excited to try out her incubator, I was going to let her keep 4-6 eggs to give it a shot. We are working on filling up our "30" egg carton in the fridge and I'd like to let her keep a few. I told her...
  8. kajira

    Gamers? (WOW specifically)

    Anyone here play video games? If so which ones? I'm a huge fan of world of warcraft, and counterstrike source. I'm a die-hard PC gamer though! I also love playing the sims :O
  9. kajira

    Adding a new breed? I have a mixed flock currently - I'm down to 5 from the original 8 that we were given. 4 hens, and 1 mixed rooster that appears to be half cochin and half RIR. (he looks like a RIR version of our...
  10. kajira

    Raising our first batch. (A kid's journey)

    MY 5 year old can't type yet, so I'll be typing for her, but she's looked through the threads with me and was really excited to participate and have her own thread for her first batch of easter egger chicks. We got "5" hens (we got an extra, so 6 total) and 2 roo's from Cackle Hatchery...
  11. kajira

    New here!

    My kids are obsessed with chickens, so we agreed to let them become "mini chicken farmers" they do most of the work (they are currently 12, 5, and 2, our 4 month old is to young to help haha!) We built our own coop, and the chickens live with our goats to reduce the chance of predators. Our...
  12. kajira

    Roosters dying?

    So - I know it's not "my yard" and the only thing I can come up with, is the layer feed had too much calcium and killed my roosters. A friend raised a batch of chickens. Gave us half, we ended up with 4 roosters. One by one, my roosters all died. Except 1. I'm going to be switching their feed...
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