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  1. andalusn

    Candy fart egg

    Wow! My candy Easter egg Whoppers get a little fart egg in the box :)
  2. andalusn

    Hello from PNW - it’s been a while

    Over the past number of years I’ve had about 45 chickens running around. No predictor issues for years. I was hit with a trifecta over a year ago with 2 female raccoons that moved into the barn and had kits, new home builder cleared brush and displaced his coyote pack and a Bald Eagle hit me and...
  3. andalusn

    Pickled egg recipes? Can you pickle Serama eggs or just the large eggs

    I am looking for pickled eggs recipes. Do you prefer them sweet or sour? I see some online that are made with beet juice too.. I have standard size eggs to pickle but was wondering if anyone has tried to pickled the smaller bantam or Serama eggs?
  4. andalusn

    checking out the forum on my new Kindle Fire - wooo hooo!

    Have had the Kindle Fire since Wednesday but not a lot of free time to do much until now. I'm on the wifi at home. Page load time is acceptible. Living out in the country I don't really have options for lightening fast speeds from the phone company & cable is not an option. Book reading has...
  5. andalusn

    Created a monster feeding those dried bug treats

    I have a Chantecler pullet that has always followed me during feeding time and watches all that I do closely. I figured I would see if I could get he to be more friendly since I have never tried to make a pet of her or handle her much. Bought the crinkle package of those ugly dried worms they...
  6. andalusn

    Darn feed store.. they got in Buckeye chicks! Now on my web cam

    I was doing fine until this afternoon. Stopped into get a bale of hay and bam! A brooder full of Buckeye chicks and I brought home 6. All settled in and streaming live from their brooder. A little shy and not sure how to use the Ecoglo brooder I have them streaming live online Buckeye Chicks...
  7. andalusn

    Chickens are front page news in todays Oregonian

    The front page of today's Oregonian is an article about legislation changes that have passed on commercial operations. Colony cages that require 116.3 square inches per hen with perches, nest boxes and scratch pad by 2026. I know that's so far into the future but there is pending legislation...
  8. andalusn

    Picked on pullet has no friends

    The group was hatched in April and doing just fine.... until this weekend. These birds are not little babies, they are getting some size to them now. Found two with bloody toes on Saturday being chased and attacked. The BLRW were obsessed about chasing and pecking the white toes of Lily...
  9. andalusn

    Finding it hard to read the Hygrometer/ thermometer inside incubator

    The incubator is the Brinsea Octagon 20 ECO with turner. It has the standard glass thermometer so I added a Hygrometer/ thermometer from Walmart and I find with it being digital and dark I can't really read it easily. A flashlight just washes it out. My temps are good. Besides the glass...
  10. andalusn

    Grow out pen or little chickie playpen

    Being the loving DW I am, I gave DH a Dewalt Compound Miter saw for Fathers Day This weekend he tested it out building this frame and I then attached the webbing while he took a nap. Its intended use is for the chicks in the brooder to have outside time in the grass. It is very light...
  11. andalusn

    Is one white chick like another?

    Back in April I was picking up peeps at the feed store and I found this little bright yellow peep in the feeder while helping sort some other chicks out for a special order pickup. This was the lone mystery chick that matched no others in their shipment. So to lessen the confusion at check...
  12. andalusn

    Post your live streaming chicken cam link Keep if family friendly

    I have been having too much fun with my peeps I am now even thinking of designing a brooder that has places to hang the camera for best streaming angle Visit the latest peeps at Peeps are broadcasting 7 LF Salmon Faverolles, 2 mystery chicks & 2 Brabanters. Do you have a link to share...
  13. andalusn

    How do you house your Serama? Post pics please.

    I have two Serama chickens in the house in a bunny/ferret cage at the moment but want to build them a setup that is either outside with the other chickens or still inside but Serama friendly since they are so small.. Looking for picture examples. Tell me why you chose what you did and what you...
  14. andalusn

    Anyone have plans to make a plucker from a working washing machine?

    I have the plans for the Whizbang version but saw a video of basically the same thing but it was a washing machine that was "modified". Anyone know where I can get plans for this type of chicken plucker?
  15. andalusn

    Brought home Egyptian Fayoumi and Partridge Chantecler

    Could not stop myself and added these to the brooder today. I liked the facts regarding the two breeds: Partridge Chantecler - Bears cold weather, good winter layer and nice lacing on the feathers Egyptian Fayoumi - Good free rangers, foragers, disease resistant. Anyone have these...
  16. andalusn

    Just label the brooder "different" and I'm hooked!

    I need more peeps like a hole in my head Stopped to get hay and came home with Partridge Chantecler & Egyptian Fayoumi peeps. I liked the idea of the lacing on the Chantecler and the Fayoumi breed is known to be good free rangers. So, setup another brooder to watch them and make sure...
  17. andalusn

    Surprise! Neighbors cows came to my house...

    On Wednesday evening while I was out feeding my horses and sheep I heard voices out by the driveway and as I look out the barn I see cows running up my driveway and people in hot pursuit... I am thinking UGH! The 2 cows ran around the house and into the back where it's more wooded. Spent a...
  18. andalusn

    Brinsea EcoGlo - What height for age chick? 1, 2 or 3

    EcoGlo arrived today and I just finished setting it up and moving the week old chicks to the larger brooder tote. The instructions stated chicks prefer the lowest setting for height. Since they were a week old I went with that. Now looking at them all snuggling next to the outside edge and not...
  19. andalusn

    Clean up time in the bator

    Last summer I hatched about a dozen eggs in the IncuCube Incubator and there was not much of a mess to clean up so I did not give it much thought this time around with the Brinsea ECO 20. My mistake, this hatch did not look messy but when I took out the tray there was all this icky stuff in...
  20. andalusn

    Ewe surprised me!

    They weren't there for breakfast today but did arrive in time for lunch Triplet lambs from my Katadhin ewe. I think at least two are ewe lambs. Right now they are all skin and no filler so it's hard to tell anything. I was busy this evening getting her and them from the sheep yard into a...
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