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  1. IndyGail

    Eggs at 3 months!

    Should I be worried. I got two female pekin ducks on June 10th 2020. They are already laying eggs. I thought 6 months was the norm. I found something in the pen that looked like a deflated egg on day two. So far I have two perfectly formed eggs. They are the same size as chicken eggs. These...
  2. IndyGail

    Back toe nail missing and bleeding

    While I was on vacation, My duck sitter allowed a fox to take my Cheese n Quackers. They were my two Male Pekin ducks. Unable to bear the loneliness I purchase two females ( Pearl and Opal ). They are Jumbo Pekin. Three weeks old at this time. They have large toes on the back of their leg. The...
  3. IndyGail

    Hawk eats Cheese (the duck)

    So how long does it take for a hawk to kill a duck, longer than 8 minutes. The hawk started eating him before he was dead. I took his lifeless body into the house to die warm, comfortable and loved. It took several days but after the swelling in his neck went down he made a full recovery. A...
  4. IndyGail

    Cough like a duck

    My 6 month old Pekin ducks are coughing. It is their first Indiana winter. What do I do.
  5. IndyGail

    Ducks are Peach -ish

    Has amyone had their ducks turn peach in color. They were so white and beautiful. They are still beautiful but whats up with the color. Same diet as always. Is this a winter thing.
  6. IndyGail

    How to get ready for winter.

    This will be my first winter with ducks. I only have two. Unfortunately they are both boys. Unfortunately I didn't get any eggs, Unfortunately I thought they were Mallards and fly south, Unfortunately these $4 ducks at Fleet supplies have become expensive pets. Non the less they are so happy...
  7. IndyGail

    I think they are male!!

    Bought two Pekin ducks. I was hoping for eggs. I think I got two males. One keeps trying to mount the other. Is this normal for two boys.
  8. IndyGail

    Injured duck

  9. IndyGail

    Ducks are my crack

    So for $4 each I purchased 2 Pekin ducks. Then $200 for the coop, double locks and safety doors, $200 for infrared camera with sound n mic, $200 treated land scape timbers, $100 sand and mulch, $100 feed, feeder, water dish, vitamins. Not to mention all the labor. I have to wait till August to...
  10. IndyGail

    ducks and hawks

    I have only two pekin ducks. They are 4 weeks old. I also have two hawks in the hood that keep attacking people. My husband 4 times, me once, my son and other neighbors. When we go outside we wear a hat because the last attack gave me a terrible scalp infection. How old do these chicks have to...
  11. IndyGail

    First time outside outside. Now I can't sleep.

    I know how foolish this sounds. I invested time and money for 4 weeks and I feel very responsible for there well being. I have a small coop, a camera with sound and a solar motion detecting light all directed at the coop. The coop is on 8" of sand but I nailed 6 " trim of chicken wire to the...
  12. IndyGail

    Duck Eggs and Salmonella.

    I purchased two ducks from a Fleet Supplies. I heard they can carry salmonella. Because I live in Indiana it still is too cold for them to be outside. I bought them the April tenth. They are 4weeks old now. I want to eat the eggs. How do you get the possible Salmonella off the eggs to make them...
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