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  1. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'Fire Safety in the Coop and Barn'

    My favorite way to string extension cords out of the way is to use cup hooks. You can buy a lot of them for a few bucks and cords will fit in them very easily. Not only that they're easy to remove when not needed,
  2. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'My Chicken Coop 1'

    FYI--I built this with the idea that it could be expanded so this summer's project is to add an 8 X 8 room to the opposite side, I'll post pictures when done.
  3. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'Poultry Ownership and Dealing with Loss (From a Tenderhearted Farmer)'

    Several years ago I wrote a piece titled "chickens die" that I posted on here. I go through a degree of anguish every time I lose one--or, in the case of a weasel attack, several--I realize it is one of the problems one encounters raising chickens. I've said it before but it you have poultry...
  4. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens'

    A vaccinated chick is already immune so you're curing a disease when they already have immunity, like taking a flu shot when you already have the flu.
  5. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'How Much Space do Chickens Need?'

    If you've never done it before, you'll be surprised how quickly a small number of chickens can turn a relatively large chicken yard into a dust bowl. If you have room I suggest following the above advice and create a system where you can alternate yards to allow for recovery.
  6. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'Brooding Chicks: The First 6 Weeks'

    Very good advice. I'd add that in the 65 years I've started chicks there is one thing that I've learned: once they have reached a few days post-hatch they are a lot hardier than many, especially first-timers, realize. They'll seek their own optimum heat and will forage for food. Momma hen...
  7. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens'

    I would add that it is possible to have chicks vaccinated for coccidiosis at the hatchery, it's relatively inexpensive and a good safety measure. But, if you do, don't feed medicated starter it negates the vaccine.
  8. woodmort

    Comment by 'woodmort' in article 'Winter-Coop-Temperatures'

    I've been keeping chickens for over 20 years in this area of upstate NY (zone 5b) where temperatures can get down to 30 below F and have had no problems other than a few frozen combs . I do keep northern breeds--think of the types like RIR, BO, EE, and their hybrids of same size that can take...
  9. My Chicken Coop 1

    My Chicken Coop 1

    Before I built this 12 by 12 (outside dimensions) coop for about $200 back in 1985 when I got back into chickens after a 30-year hiatus and after living on this property for 24 yrs (there was a cobbled up horse shelter which was home to a horse my kids had when preteens on that spot previously)...
  10. woodmort

    Woodmorts Page

    I can haul a lot of chicken manure in this baby! Back in the mid1950's I raised broilers as a FFA project as a sophomore and junior in HS--prior to that I'd kept a few bantams. I'd get 50 cockerel chicks in April and butcher in August. Then I graduated to college, girls and other things that...
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