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  1. Basskids08

    Just because I'm missing the snow

  2. Basskids08

    Going a little crazy here! Do YOU know what I am? Pullet or cockerel?

    This was/is supposed to be a sexed pullet but since this happened before to me with the same breed, I'm wondering if this one is a pullet or a cockerel? It was hatched March 10th. Thanks :he
  3. Basskids08

    I'm having an identity crisis! Does anyone know what I am? Basque maybe?

    Wondering if anyone knows what breed this is? The yellowish one!
  4. Basskids08

    What breeds are we? Frizzle?

    I ordered these from a breeder and said I wanted frizzles. Does anyone know what these are? They are about 7 weeks. I'm asking about all 3 of them!
  5. Basskids08

    What am I? I thought this was a BSL, but it has white earlobes!

    I have BSL and their ears are the normal dark color and then I bought a bunch of other breeds and this one was in there. At first I thought it was a BSL but it has white earlobes, does anyone know what it is? The second pic you can see the earlobes! I know the pics aren't the best, will...
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    Please tell me what these tail feathers mean? Male or female? 13 weeks

    This is the one EE that no one can tell for sure if it's female or male! Here are pictures of the tail feathers and I don't remember if their supposed to be round or pointed for female! Thank you everyone!
  7. Basskids08

    Is this a pullet or cockerel BO? 13 weeks old!

    This is supposed to be a sexed 13 week 3-10-14, pullet. I'm getting a little nervous because the last time I got sexed pullets of BO, one was a roo! This one is throwing me off and would appreciate any info you can give. Thanks so much! :fl
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    New contest for new members and a big welcome!

    Hello and :welcome To all new members that have joined up, go here It's a contest for a new members. Follow this link and you could be the big winner! :woot
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    I posted in what breed and gender am I, then realized there's an EE thread I can post in,. My questi

    I posted 2 different threads of two different EE and Ameraucana and then I saw they had a thread devoted to just EE, can I post my pics in there now even though I posted in what breed and gender is this? Thanks and hope I didn't confuse anyone! :barnie
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    Is this an Ameraucana?

    I ordered an Ameraucana from Myers, (blue) cost me a pretty penny to! Anyway I had a couple die the day after I got them and am not sure if it was one of them. I then bought a couple more and am not sure if this one is from Myers or one I got from TSC. It's legs are slate and it goes down to the...
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    Deleted thread by poster!

    Deleted by poster!
  12. Basskids08

    What is ACV and how to get some?

    Hello all, I've seen on here people talking about Apple cider vinegar and that they give it to their chickens as a health boost. What is it and what does it do for your chickens? Thanks so much:) :idunno
  13. Basskids08

    Can you get a frizzle from a molted Cochin and a silkie?

    Does it matter which is male or female to use to get frizzle chicks. I have a pair off molted Cochins and I believe 3 buff silkie girls and possibly one black silkie male. Just wondering on how this will work and what ones to use? Thanks for the help. Also if I'm not in the right section let...
  14. Basskids08

    FIRST time ever for me! BSL chicken sitting on 11 eggs! Will they hatch and what do I do?

    :barnie I have a black sex link hen sitting on 11 eggs, and I have no idea what to do. I have never had a chicken do this before. Any and all help is much appreciated. Hope this is the right spot to post this, if not again let me know. Thank you everyone! :barnie
  15. Basskids08

    Chickens look like they are losing feathers on back and side. Looks gross!

    My chickens that I rescued from a family about 1 month ago seem to be losing their feathers. Is this due to stress from moving or do they have something else wrong with them? :barnieHow do you know if they have bugs? Thanks for the help.
  16. Basskids08

    Update: Is this a Blue Orpington or Blue Araucana, plus others not so sure about.

    Here are new pictures and hopefully someone can help determine breed now! Thanks for all your help. :)[ IMG ALT=""][/IMG] I also am not sure about these ones! Or this one! I have more that need your...
  17. Basskids08

    Is anyone familiar with using the heated waterers with electrical cords during winter?

    Hello all, I'm hoping you all have experience with this issues as I'm trying to figure the best thing to do for my babies. I looked through some of those old post and there are both positive and negative reviews about heated waterers. I'm wondering about the cord, will the chickens try to peck...
  18. Basskids08

    When silkies drink water

    I'm not sure if this goes here or not, sorry if it doesn't. Just let me know where if not. Anyway does anyone who has or is familiar with silkies know why when they drink, they seem to get their whole body wet. Every time I give them water it's like they try to take a bath. Is this normal? :idunno
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