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  1. Iain Utah

    Surprise babies!

    So I have a place in the barn that was the late end of season catch all nest for a few geese. My production toulouse goose decided to sit on it many weeks ago and I never thought any would hatch. Much to my surprise, she hatched a pair of babies yesterday! They could be hers, but no idea who...
  2. Iain Utah

    Blue Cochin/Salmon Favorelle Cross

    My favorite hen hatched a solo baby this summer. I thought it was hers, since it is a matching blue cochin (my roo is also a blue cochin). Much to my surprise, I realize my salmon fav must have snuck an egg into the nest, since as the baby grows up, I can see the pronounced salmon cheeks and...
  3. Iain Utah

    2018 Hatchalong

    It's only January 2nd, but season is already upon us here in Utah. I noticed my Africans doing their annual nesting location hunt recently, then found my first egg yesterday and another one this morning. I'm so not ready for breeding season, but figured I'd start up the 2018 hatching thread...
  4. Iain Utah

    Mute Swans

    I work with a local bird rescue group and we recently had 7 adult mute swans brought in. We have had them examined by a certified avian vet and they are ready to be placed in new homes. They are well socialized with humans. We know there are two established pairs in the group, but are unsure...
  5. Iain Utah

    What do you feed your pigeons?

    I was given bird food from a friend when I unexpectedly acquired a pigeon last month and now the food has run out. I really do not know anything about pigeon nutrition and I am not sure what is in the mix I was given, but my girl deliberately picks out the safflower pieces (pre-shelled) and...
  6. Iain Utah

    What kind of pigeon is this??

    I was working with my avian vet today, who is doing research at the university. He brought a donated pigeon for his work. When he took her out of the box, I immediately felt drawn to her as she acted very calm and pet-like. We talked a bit and I was feeling very uncomfortable with the fate of...
  7. Iain Utah

    Your Goose Suddenly Appears Sick – Reproductive Problems

    This thread is to discuss and share the experiences we have had with reproductive problems in geese so hopefully when someone deals with this for the first time, they will know what to look for and how to treat their geese. Since I have a fairly large flock with approximately 20 female geese...
  8. Iain Utah

    Dewlap Toulouse and White African Hatching Eggs

    Since my flock is at maximum capacity, I am offering all of my “breeder” geese eggs for sale this year. In my main breeding yard, I have a 3yo buff dewlap toulouse gander covering a 2yo buff dewlap goose and two 3yo grey geese. Last year, I had excellent results with the buff/grey trio (who...
  9. Iain Utah

    Skunks - dispose or release?

    Hey all, it's that time of year when predators seem to become a problem in our area and we are in major trapping mode again. 90% of the time we catch raccoons. Those we dispose of with a 22. But occasionally we also catch skunks. We disposed of the 1st skunk, but have since released the...
  10. Iain Utah

    Rest in Peace, Jerry Ford

    It is with great sadness that I post this news. After fighting the good fight against cancer, Jerry Ford passed away this past Saturday, October 12th. He was 54 years old. Jerry was one of my favorite byc friends and hatch-along buddies. He was a kind man who loved his wife, his family, and...
  11. Iain Utah

    Let's have a gosling hatchalong!

    Here we go again, we're hatching more goslings! I set my 1st eggs of 2013 a few days ago and am so excited to candle them to see if fertile. They are from my white & brown African group and am hoping to get an interesting variety of colors. I also have 2 pairs of buff dewlaps that I think...
  12. Iain Utah

    I got my first dewlap toulouse egg today!!!!

    Ember, my sweet 8mo old grey dewlap Toulouse girl laid her first egg today!!! It is teeny and bloody and not fertile (not that I would set a dewlap egg that small), but it was an awesome surprise to find today!
  13. Iain Utah

    How to trap a fox?

    A few days ago, my neighbor lost a few of his chickens to a fox. He said he caught fox in act, but could not catch it. I told him I would set our trap out by his coop (which backs up onto our side pasture), but do not know the best way to bait it. We have had great success using canned cat...
  14. Iain Utah

    Spirit - the amazing grey dewlap toulouse gander!

    On this day of giving thanks, I would like to pay tribute to my young grey dewlap toulouse, Spirit, who has enriched my life so much since he hatched on May 12th. The past spring, I purchased hatching eggs from a random ebay seller with Holderread show stock. The eggs were scrambled in the...
  15. Iain Utah

    My brand new mare - and she is pregnant!

    I am so excited to share with everyone pics of my new mare, Patience. She is a 3yo percheron/qh, bred back to a percheron/qh stallion and due to foal in March. She is 16 hands, 1300lbs and barely halter broke. But she is a gentle giant and super sweet. It has been years since I got a new...
  16. Iain Utah

    buff dewlap toulouse crossed with ???

    I have a 6-pack of juvenile buff dewlaps that I cannot be purebred. But, I am not sure what they are crossed with. The lady had white african, brown african, embden & even a Canadian gander on property with the dewlaps. What do you guys think? Barley, 6 mo old female. Brown african cross...
  17. Iain Utah

    Providing water during extremely cold winter

    We are getting our first taste of winter with temps below 30F the last couple of nights. I had to break a 1" layer of ice out of my geese's kiddy pools this morning. It has got me thinking about the upcoming fun involved in keeping fresh water available for my geese as we are anticipating an...
  18. Iain Utah

    The Great Goose Rescue - Available Geese for Adoption

    This past summer, I rescued 100 very nice geese from a "puppy mill" type place. While I have had great success placing most of the geese, I have 12 left that need homes, which are: 2 - m/f pairs 1.5yo grey dewlap toulouse 2 - 1.5 yo grey dewlap toulouse ganders 1 - 1.5 yo buff dewlap toulouse...
  19. Iain Utah

    How long have you had geese?

    Seems like a lot of people get goslings in the spring and by late summer are getting rid of them.... excuses like "too much work," "too much poop" and "not enough time". So it makes me curious, how long have you had your geese?
  20. Iain Utah

    Goose lovers – please help!!

    As many of you know, five months ago, I bought buff dewlap Toulouse hatching eggs from a lady I found on ebay. I continued to buy eggs & later goslings from her (I have 4 buff & 3 grey dewlaps from her stock). I recommended her to others on this site, as I absolutely adore the babies I have from...
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