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  1. Spartan22

    Show it off baby!!!

    Show off your newly hatched chicks or newly bought fluffy butts, with captions Hatched yesterday, without wife’s consent!!!:oops: Dark eggs, dark chicks? :jumpy
  2. Spartan22

    Silkies and standard chickens in one coop

    Anyone pretty succesful mixing silkies and standard size chickens in a coop? Was it a long term or short term cohabitation? Since silkies doesn’t perch, how do you avoid having them covered with droppings overnight?
  3. Spartan22

    Presence of a Rooster - Just a Theory

    In my 5 years of hen keeping, we never had broody hens until this year except one (a white leghorn) few years ago which we broke within 3 days. This spring we have 6 hens ranging from 1-3 years old went broody almost simultaneously. My theory which might be totally false, the presence of a...
  4. Spartan22

    How late can I hatch eggs?

    Is it advisable to hatch/incubate eggs up to July-August (summer days)? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Are eggs more fertile during spring time?
  5. Spartan22

    First ever hatched in our bedroom

    I decided to put the Brinsea mini II on our dresser in the bedroom with 7 eggs. Our kids have 3 cats that has been prowling our house except our bedrooms. Day 20 first egg hatched (Ice Cream Bar) followed by Black Copper Marans & Olive Egger. Hopefully day 21 all the eggs will hatch
  6. Spartan22

    Broody Hen, how many eggs is ideal?

    i got a Black Australorps that went broody couple of days ago, I gave her 6 fertile eggs yesterday and added 3 more today - total of 9. Can she hatched/sit on a dozen eggs comfortably or some of the eggs will not be properly covered? First time hatching with a broody hen.
  7. Spartan22

    Lone Bantam Black Amerecauna

    Few weeks ago I hatched some Black Copper Marans and purchased a week old Sapphire Gems, a friend of mine gave me a day old bantam Amerecauna that hatch the same time w/ FBCMs which is almost a third of a size of the other chicks. Fast forward 4 wks later, the bantam is a 4th the size of...
  8. Spartan22

    Reconfiguring the coop again

    It seems like every spring and fall I have new construction/renovation going on with my coop & run to add the newbies. This year it’s not any different since addiction with chicks color and different color eggs became a part of my life. I haven’t even finish the outside of the 2nd coop yet, but...
  9. Spartan22

    Who does the daily chicken chores?

    I picked up a handful of chicks from a local feed store few years ago, brood them, fed them, watered them, chased them off my garden, learned and researched about them during sleepless weeks after work, built an awesome coop, add a great run, took care of them that no one died, none on my watch...
  10. Spartan22

    Wondering about the chicken scratch

    Its been few years that I thought about scratch, for some reason I haven’t bought any, but today I was wondering why people really feed their chicken scratch if there’s no nutritional value to it? Is it an unnecessary expenses? Am I missing something? Depriving my chickens something? I used to...
  11. Spartan22

    Packing peanuts

    This 2 chicks (reddish brown) were used as packing peanuts with a friends ducks order. I took them home but no idea what they were. I got 21 different breeds but this 2 I got no idea. Anyone can identify them please.:confused:
  12. Spartan22

    How many chicks hatched today!!!

    My excitement for first hatched is crazy, please share photos of your hatching chicks/eggs and your newly bought chicks. Ready set GOOO!
  13. Spartan22

    Lockdown Today, do I candle or not?

    Today is day 18 for our 2018 hatch, do we need to candle after removing the turning trays or just let it go since we’re almost at hatching day. Will I risk the humidity level down?
  14. Spartan22

    Does anyone successfully candled a FBCMs eggs?

    Our first time hatching Black Copper Marans eggs from our own hen, my q is how do you candle these pretty dark eggs? Or do you just blindly wait till hatch day? Last year we hatched some bought eggs and we didn’t candle them.
  15. Spartan22

    Sapphire Gem

    Is anyone familiar with the sexlink Sapphire Gem. What are the attributes, egg laying, lifespan, drawbacks, temperament? I was at a local feed store and saw some in their bins, but seems like there’s not much information about them except their beautiful grayish blue chicks originated from...
  16. Spartan22

    How often do you renovate, paint, redesign, reconfigure your coop/run?

    It seems like every 3-6 months I have to reconfigure, add, remove something with my coop. Is it just me or is it an ongoing construction inside and out of my coop? In October I had to put up strong clear plastic tarp all around my run to prevent cold air and snow blowing in. But since...
  17. Spartan22

    Has Anyone have Use This?

    Has anyone used this before? I had it in my hands in the store, was so tempted to buy it, but for $95.99? I might as well Use a $7 bulb, I've never lost a chick since 2014 in the first place.
  18. Spartan22

    Got pecked to death

    My 24 wk old Australorps w/ broken leg got pecked to death this morning when she got stucked in the corner of the run, my fault, I should had separated her last night
  19. Spartan22

    Anyone heard of Purina organic feeds yet?

    Thinking of switching to Purina organic feeds, anyone have seen or use it yet? Price? Protein content?
  20. Spartan22

    Black Copper Marans Egg Size

    My black copper Marans have been laying eggs for almost 3 months, it seems like the eggs are on small to medium sizes. Is that the normal size for BCMs eggs?
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