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  1. nicollee

    5yr old hen, retaining liquid in the breast area.

    asking for help... one of my "older hens" about 5yrs, up till last week was laying about 3 eggs a week. Yesterday she was top girl during treat time, but.... This am, she would not get down off the roost, when we picked her up, she had a dirty vent :sick, and did not want to be active. We...
  2. nicollee

    Life and death

    out of six eggs, four hatched successfully. This naked neck chick hatched, the following day, but there was a lot of blood in the shell, she only lived a few hours.. was there any thing I could have done for her? This picture is four hours after hatch. She passed overnight.
  3. nicollee

    Want confirmation I've pulled the right eggs

    I've searched for three days, and there are so many threads. I CAN NOT find the info I need. We placed the eggs in the incubator late evening on June 13. As of yesterday, I had two eggs that were clear. Please confirm these were not going to hatch. Assumed hatch day would be the 4th or 5th...
  4. nicollee

    identifying incubator, and finding instructions

    Any assistance would be appreciated... My very "EXCITED" husband bought a foam incubator at a garage sale, it has no instructions or identifying marks on it for me to call a manufacturer and ask for instructions. Not realizing there might be any issues with it, I bought fertile eggs, and...
  5. nicollee

    what and how to force feed a weak/sick hen

    Kohl is a 2 yr old Auracana. and of course my favorite We battled Acites/Water belly with her last year And now she has sour crop, The swelling has gone down to almost normal, and she no longer "gurgles" when I pick her up,but she is so thin and weak She is so weak, that I can not get her to...
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