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    What breed is this Rooster? Help...

    This rooster is loose in my neighborhood for years, but here lately he has been coming around. He is a beautiful Rooster, and my ladies love him. They can't get to him because of the run has a netting to keep them in and predators out. I love his calm demeanor, and he is a beautiful rooster...
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    What do I got in my Mini Coop??? Help ID the Breeds, Please!

    I think I have an idea for one of the two breeds, but I'm coming to you guys for some answers. Help me, please... Please and thank you.
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    My Hen Ethel is acting weird and I'm worried about her

    This morning she was standing near the door staring at a wall. I gentle got her to come out, but she went one part of the run and stayed there. Worried she might get to hot later I put her back in the coop. She looks physically fine, but I don't think she has eaten or drank anything. Out of...
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    Raising and Keeping Chickens

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not. However here I go... I saw this article today about hipster farmers discovering chickens are labor intensive. This had me scratching my head confused by this. For me, the coop was the most labor intensive thing maybe. Other than the coop...
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    Americana Chicks???? 2.0

    What are they? New pictures to help hopefully ID them..... Help please!
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    ameraucana chicks????

    I was told these baby chicks were all ameraucana chicks.... However I'm not so sure... They were from tractor supply. What do you think they are? There I believe 2 sets of different breeds. The bigger chicks look the same and the smaller chicks look all alike. PS - Sorry if the pictures are...
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    Is my RIR Broody or not???

    This morning one of my RIR girls didn't come out to eat, so I thought she might be getting ready to lay. I left them alone until just a few minutes ago; when I went down to give them some more food and collect eggs. She again didn't come out. Going into the coop I collected the eggs I saw; she...
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    What got my hen?

    I went out this morning to my coop which is surrounded by a dog kennel to find the door open. The night before I had that door closed properly. Well this morning my girls were trying to come out, so I got them back inside the run where they belong to discover one gone. At first I thought she had...
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    My Coop and Run

    (I didn't know what to title this) In my run I use a netting over top on 6ft fence to keep my chickens from getting out. Here recently I noticed in a few places some small spiders making webs. They weren't bugging me and they are up out of the way. I figured let bygones be bygones until today...
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    My story: Chicks for the first time

    My dad and I went to tractor supply earlier this year. We don't have a coop built or started, and we don't have any supplies either. The only thing we had was a plastic tub for a brooder box. He decided time to get everything for chicks and the chicks. Inside Tractor Supply we grab what we need...
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    Is one of my girls trying to go broody?

    I went out to collect eggs, and I found one of my Rhode Island Reds under the water bucket. For my girls I use water nipples on a 5 gallon bucket. Anyways I went over checked to see if maybe the water was getting low. It wasn't... She moved after I lifted the bucket to check it. Then I went to...
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    Strange New Layer

    My newest laying hen tried to hide under the ramp that goes into the coop. Safe to say she couldn't fit under the ramp more than to stick her head under it. I thought it was weird.... I went into the coop looking for eggs, and from inside the coop lifted the ramp to make sure she was alive. She...
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    Hen laying in the run

    One Hen is laying in the run... Today the egg had some poo on the top of it, but all my other eggs in the coop were clean. The egg was next to my younger hens and rooster's mini pen in the run. Could another hen pooed on the egg from perching on the mini pen? Should I give my 4 laying hens DE...
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    Laying Rhode Island Red hens

    Today I got 3 eggs today! I went from 1 egg for the last two days, and today I found three from my girls! One was cracked, but I was too excited. Hopefully it is just being a new layer. I can't wait until all 4 of my Rhode Island Red girls are laying.
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    Transitioning my Bantam Rooster and two Golden Sexlink hens

    I'm working on having them in with my Rhode Island girls in the next three weeks. My Bantam Rooster is a big chicken, and I absolutely mean the pun. I let them out together yesterday, and he stood his ground with one of my Rhode Island Red girls. The bigger hen back off, and went about her own...
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    I got my first two eggs!

    Today I found my first two eggs! I was so excited! Now I got to check every day for eggs. My four Rhode Island Red girls are 20wks old. I'm not sure if two are starting to lay or just one of them. I hadn't checked in a day or two, so I'll figure that out in the days to come. The eggs were on the...
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    Rhode Island Reds: a few days shy of 18wks

    One of my hens this morning didn't rush out for food and water. She hung back inside the coop, and didn't come out right away. Then she went back inside a short time later. I was wondering if she might be getting ready to lay her first egg? She's squawking a little bit too.
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    First time eating grapes!

    My dad gave my chickens a few grapes. They went crazy over them so much so that they didn't want to go in for the night. Lol! Right before going in for the night wasn't the best idea. He held a grape between his fingers, and they took fast nibbles at the grape. Although it will never be a treat...
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    How long does it take for a small scrap to heal

    My 6wk old mille fleur d’uccle got a small scrap on the top of her foot. I cleaned her up, and she seems to be doing just fine. For the next few days or so; I'll be keeping a close eye on her. How long should she take to heal?
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    My Rhode Island Red babies

    They are 11wks old! I'm so proud of myself that they are doing so good! Do I worry a bit much sometimes? Yeah, I do... These are my first babies. All I want is for them to keep growing bigger and stronger every day.
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