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  1. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    I'm in Texas outside of Houston. It's cold some days, warm others, we don't really have a lot of flies though. I could definitely have been a predator as my dog has caught a hawk attacking a hen one day. Could of been this one. She deteriorated pretty rapidly, stiffened up and wouldn't...
  2. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    So how do I go about removing this off her?
  3. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    Yeah her vent is perfect. This is like an inch or two away. I will try to get a better pic. It's hard to get with one person though. I'm not really sure how long it has been. I just noticed her acting funny yesterday.
  4. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    UPDATE: She will not eat or drink, even tried sugar water. I put the tip of her beak in the water and she just stands there stiff as a board. and seems like she is sort of shaking (like if she was cold) its about 65 degrees outside..
  5. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    I wanted to get yalls input on this hen. Yesterday I noticed her hanging out by a tree not really moving just standing around. I went out this morning and found her still standing in the same spot so I walked over to her and picked her up. I immediately noticed a dirty butt so I got a warm bath...
  6. ericstac

    Surviving the wild

    Yes we were happily surprised when we got home and she was hanging out over there talking to the others through the wire window lol.
  7. ericstac

    Surviving the wild

    I'm raising a new flock of 27 chickens and its been a blast as usual. I was very surprised when we first got them because, for one, none of them died, and two, when we were able to finally get a good picture to count them we found out we have 27 instead of the 25 ordered :) So fast forward 4...
  8. ericstac

    Washed Eggs left unrefrigerated

    Its funny you say that. One time I tossed a chicken carcass (cooked) out the window for the dog and he was quickly taken over by 20+ chickens and they completely cleaned them bones off lol.
  9. ericstac


    lol our girls did this to us once. We had 21 layers and egg production dropped tremendously and we couldnt figure out why. A week went by and I luckily saw an egg by a tree so I started looking around and I pulled over 60 eggs for a few different 'lay' spots. lol. We simply just water tested...
  10. ericstac

    What chick is this?

    They are from Stromberg's and were all supposed to be hand picked pullets which is why it is confusing but mistakes do happen so its possible I got one less Maran and an extra Easter Egger. thanks! They are three weeks old
  11. ericstac

    What chick is this?

    I guess it's possible it's an Easter egger. There should be 5 of each and all the EEs look the same which I have 5 of. This one is way different than all. The only reason I thought Maran is because that's the one I have four of and should have five. Here is a pic with two of my EEs in the...
  12. ericstac

    What chick is this?

    Hey everyone :) We have 25 chicks we are growing right now and we cannot figure out this odd one. Here is a list of what was ordered. It should be a cuckoo Maran but it doesn't look like the others... Maybe a cock? And the rest are hens? Blue wyandottes Gold sixlinks Cuckoo Maran White...
  13. ericstac

    help with a broody hen

    I've got two broodies right now. a welsummer and a new hampshire red. both are being stubborn and wont break. i was wondering if i went to the farm supply and bought a couple day olds and stuck them in the box with them if it would break then and they would raise the new chicks up?
  14. ericstac

    how many Eggs you get today

    19/21 2 are broody so i got a full round. they gave me what i eat daily.
  15. ericstac

    conduit with nipples / roosting?

    I'm about to install some conduit with nipples for a watering system for my 26 chickens and was wondering if they are going to try to roost on the conduit and if that is going to be a problem down the road?
  16. ericstac


    we are outside of Damon, Tx and currently raising 21 pullets with 4 more in the mail to us
  17. ericstac

    Help!!!! My Chicks Are Dying!

    we had the same propblem with our first batch. We got 15 pullets from Ideal about 3 weeks ago and only 5 survived, we re-ordered 12 from Ideal and they all did really well. We then ordered 4 more from mypetchicken and they are doing good. we are now waiting on another package of 4 from...
  18. ericstac

    (almost) final pics of new coop with green roof

    Can you see inside your coop from the inside of your house?
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