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  1. Nava

    Sebastopol Geese

    I got these pair of Sebs 1-28-11 parents were shown and have won first place, these came from a private breeder who got thier original flock from ( Holderread Waterfowl ) my pair would be a year in March, I have gotten 5 eggs so far and they are in the Bator, when I hatch some of the gooslings...
  2. Nava


    Anconas, I love this breed too, they are a little bit flighty, but they compensate with the eggs they lay, very good layers, and they don't eat as much as my Orps hehehe, anyway I started with one Ancona a year later I got a roo, ( Bob ) well I got some eggs from them before my roo was taken...
  3. Nava

    Blrw 1

    The Godfeather ( Lippy ) I got my flock from eggs from some of the BYC...
  4. Nava

    Blue Orpingtons

    I got these as day olds from Bamachicken Poncho Pancho I sell day old chicks and hatching eggs. Thanks Nava.
  5. Nava

    Naked Necks 2

    I LOVE NAKED NECKS. Now with splash NN's Splash NN video want some fertile eggs? I got them but, I rather sell day old chicks. Because you will get what you want and as many as you want for sure,with hatching eggs there is always...
  6. Nava

    Navas Flock

    fire cracker the showgirl Bruce the boys breaking the 24" pony peter red neck bubba he's got 14 girlfriends if you have any cochins like this pm me i want eggs, or chicks or hens. she is the only one i got...
  7. Nava

    Naked Neck Turken Sop Colors Black White Red Buff Other Colors Blue Splash Mottled Dun Khaki And Pla

    Naked Neck-turken SOP colors Black,White,Red,Buff. other colors: blue, splash,mottled,dun,khaki and Platinum Created by Nava Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: I love this breed they are very calm and docile, lay in winter too and eggs are huge, I have one of the SOP colors...
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