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  1. Desert Rooster

    Need to re home my entire flock :"( Hesperia high desert

    Was told to move out due to house being sold, and i need to re home my entire flock of 2 roosters and 8 hens ASAP. Must take all, they all get along good together, the roosters protect the hens well, mixed breeds, some are laying, some are not.
  2. Desert Rooster

    Sick hen, Need Help, Not drinking, not eating, crop 1/3 full

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) Brown Leghorn EE Cross Hen, 2 years old, about 4lbs 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Monday night around 8pm, i noticed that she was very weak, closing eyes, dragged wings to the...
  3. Desert Rooster

    Is this a boy, or a girl?

    At first it looked like a Barred rock pullet, but now its acting a bit Rooish, and looks like a barred EE to me, what do you guys think?
  4. Desert Rooster

    What breed are these two?

    One looks to me like a Barred Rock, but the other im not sure of.
  5. Desert Rooster

    Found a CL ad, this person needs help with feeding their flock

    MODS, NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE CORRECT PLACE TO PUT THIS, BUT MOVE IF NECESSARY AND I APOLOGIZE. I found this ad on craigslist today, this person is looking for food for their chickens, it looks like they are having some kind of problems and cannot get feed for them. Looks like this person...
  6. Desert Rooster

    WTB: EE or Ameraucana Pullet

    Hi, im looking for an EE or Ameraucana Pullet, im located in the High Desert city of Hesperia, but can meet up as far north as Barstow, and as far south as Ontario, let me know what you have thanks
  7. Desert Rooster

    Lost One Today

    I never thought it would happen to me, but i was wrong. I lost my first hen today due to the heat, and the reason i post this here on Predators and Pests is because the heat is somewhat of a Predator and or a Pest during the summer. I lost one of my Choclate brown EE's named Muffy. I got her...
  8. Desert Rooster

    What is this?

    Or shall i say, what was it? I caught it making LOTS AND LOTS of holes in the run but couldn't get it till today, i even saw it pull a corn cob down one of the holes. Its about the size of a coke can, What is it?
  9. Desert Rooster

    Any tips on snake proofing my run?????

    While outside with my chickens today, my chickens started making their " WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING" clucks so i looked over to see what they were looking at, and it was a yellow snake passing by the run, i couldn't get it because it went into some bushes next to my house. I looked for it for a...
  10. Desert Rooster

    Sick Hen, Constipated, Wont eat, Weak

    BREED: RIR AGE: 1yo WHAT HAS SHE BEEN EATING: Very little to nothing DAYS THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING?: Since May 3rd, 3 days now SYMPTOMS: She layed a soft egg that was ruptured, but the whole thing came out , she was doing fine...
  11. Desert Rooster

    Hen layed soft ruptured egg Please Help!!!

    BREED: RIR AGE: 1yo BEEN LAYING SINCE: She started laying last November WHAT HAS SHE BEEN EATING: I give them Layer pellets SYMPTOMS: She layed a soft egg that was ruptured, but the whole thing came out. DAYS THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING?: Just started today I noticed that she was standing by...
  12. Desert Rooster

    Is Broodiness contagious????

    Dealing with my 3rd broody this year , It all started with my Cuckoo Marans mix hen going broody in February, i was able to snap her out of it, then my Silkie went broody for about one week then snapped out of it two weeks ago, and now my Black Star is showing signs of broodiness. Is Broodiness...
  13. Desert Rooster

    Has anyones chicken become more friendly after being sick?

    About 3 weeks ago i noticed something in one of my EE's eye, and after about a 5 minute chase of trying to get her, i noticed that one side of her nose was cloged with buggies, and she had bubbles coming out of her eye on that same side so i immediately took her away from my flock and begain...
  14. Desert Rooster

    What breed are these banties?????

    I got them about a month ago, they have been in quarentine and are now ready to join my flock. They both are laying already, and that both have featherd feet, the blue hen has a small poof of feathers on her head
  15. Desert Rooster

    Is my hen going broody???

    One of my hens stays in a nest box to lay her egg for about 3-4 hours at a time, When i open the box to collect eggs, she puffs up and screams at me but later gets off and stays off of the nest box for the rest of the day. This has been going on for the past 4 days, ive also noticed that she...
  16. Desert Rooster

    First time hatching, Lockdown in 3 hours, have some ?s

    This is my first time hatching, and Lockdown is 3 hours away. i have the brinsea Mini Advance, i have read AND followed the instructions of the incubator, and have followed instructions from other hatching members here on BYC. My Questions are: 1. Do i fill both center slots of the incubator...
  17. Desert Rooster

    Brinsea Mini Advance Question

    I just got my Brinsea Mini Advance bator yesterday , and i have a question. there is a setting that says how many minutes pass between turning the eggs, what is a good setting for that??? the options are 30 to 180 minutes.
  18. Desert Rooster

    Chickens eating dirt and pooping mud

    I have 3 hens that like to knock over their waterer and like to drink from the mud the water makes. i bought them a wider waterer so they would stop doing this, but now they drink ALOT of water, and throw it up on the dirt and drink the mud the water makes. these hens are about 9 months old...
  19. Desert Rooster

    Sick Hen

    1) What type of bird , age and weight. a Cuckoo Marans mix hen, not sure of age about 3lbs 2) What is the behavior, exactly. i noticed this about 3 days ago, she would run around, peck at the ground like normal, but then she would just stop, tuck her head in, and ruffle her feathers and she...
  20. Desert Rooster

    Would a Brinsea Mini Advance be a good beginners bator????

    Im thinking about getting one, and would like to know if they are pretty good bators? Ive been following "Mahonri's 2nd Annual New Year's Day Hatch & Contest for GFMs!" thread and all this talk about hatching seems fun.
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