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  1. MokiYoki

    "breed true"??

    Its simply that if you bred two matching ones together the chicks would not look like the parents. It can be that they will be nothing like the parents, or just certain features like feather colour, egg colour or body shape. That means they dont breed true. "Pure breeds" breed true.
  2. MokiYoki

    White crested black silkies? Can it be done?

    White crest has been speculated to be a form of mottling so it makes sense they are only showing in F2. I really recommend watching carefully that the beaks stay black cause mottling strips out the fibro easily. Im very excited to see how you go :)
  3. MokiYoki


    Im going to play devil's advocate and say they probably just looked for a picture that looked like what she did look like. Most people don't take pictures of their run of the mill chickens, its only in hindsight they found a need for pictures. But hens turning into the rooster phenotype isn't...
  4. MokiYoki

    How are you feeling today?

  5. MokiYoki

    How do 5 toe genetics work?

    For the sake of people finding this now and the future let me clear this up! Polydactylism is a dominant gene with variable expression, some of which is controlled by additional unrelated genes. This means that a chick with the gene will probably have 5 toes. But can have 6 & 6 toes, 6 & 4 toes...
  6. MokiYoki

    New Silkie Flock

    You can expect at least mostly all black chicks. In aus I know silkies are all partridge and use other melanizing genes to make them black rather than just extension. So.. if they are not homozygous for the melanizers then you may find a few brown partridge chicks amongst the black chicks and...
  7. MokiYoki

    Chickens screaming like teenagers

    I have a few hens that do this also! And I know what the want too, they are calling for roosters. Sometimes you can satisfy them with a good stong backrub. But usually when they are that "thirsty" only a real rooster will do. Good luck!
  8. MokiYoki


    The leg colour change makes sense if she went from laying to a non-laying pseodo-rooster. When a chicken lays the yellow pigment is drawn out of the skin, starting with the cloaca and ending at the beak, so good laying hens turn from yellow to white. I have a hen that turns semi-rooster every...
  9. MokiYoki

    Leakage, breeding and moving forward..

    Leakage usually shows in your roosters and hides in the hens. So you really want your roosters to not be leaky if you don't want leaky roosters in the future. However I usually make leakage my lowest priority, and that young cockerel still has time to develop his own leakage. His beak and legs...
  10. MokiYoki

    Cutiepie Chicken Breed project.

    I finally got my paint silkie! And also just hatched some chocolate and chocolate/lavender orpingtons from Victoria which Im going to use for adding the other colors I want. Looks like I wont need any more outside chickens now :)
  11. MokiYoki

    Emergency incubation- crushed egg!!

    This is why I usually hatch them myself and then start stuffing them under my hens overnight once they are on their feet! If they are in the incubator and still have yolk left to absorb they should be ok! But I like to supplement their energy after something like that using a vitamin and sugar...
  12. MokiYoki

    Sex linked blue egger project

    So by breeding your barred hens to your barred rooster the male chicks are double barred while the female chicks are dark barred. There is a slight difference which CCLB colours are meant to amplify and since these chicks are 75% CCLB you can likely sex most of the chicks by colour. Darker...
  13. MokiYoki

    Decrow surgery

    Just... Look up the process. Caponising is routine but in no way minor surgery.
  14. MokiYoki

    Ideas for breeding projects?

    Most likely 50% like the parents with smooth blue, 25% black and 25% splash. I'd love to know how it actually ends up turning out! and Im especially curious about how the splashes would look. I make a genetics simulation game modification and Im always trying to collect information on small...
  15. MokiYoki

    Ideas for breeding projects?

    well cross breeding him would likely be even less desirable for most people so idk... I suppose it might look good over a wheaten (maybe find one that lays dark brown eggs for olive eggers), but that smoothness might not stick.
  16. MokiYoki

    Ideas for breeding projects?

    Im pretty sure a smooth blue is desirable for some breeds, just not Andalusians.
  17. MokiYoki

    Decrow surgery

    Decrowing doesnt stop a rooster from being a rooster. It stops them from being dead. Do you also believe dogs and cats shouldnt be neutered, cause that comes with risk? The world can be tough and sometimes you have to pick the lesser of two evils. Dont shame people for doing the best they can...
  18. MokiYoki

    Decrow surgery

    you do know caponisingt is extremely invasive, requires you to burst an air sack and comes extremely close to their aorta while decrowing surgery is not far off from a tracheostomy which is sometimes done to people even without anesthesia. I think what freaks you out is that caponising has been...
  19. MokiYoki

    Drought, Bushfires and Birds

    Ive got a bunch of cheap plastic storage containers with bedding already in them stacked in my garage, along with stakes and a temporary fence, 10L jugs and a bag of food. that way if I fire comes we can stuff them all into our car and take them somewhere to survive.
  20. MokiYoki

    Id love to, but mine are actually Crested Cream Legbars, the some myself was in reference to the...

    Id love to, but mine are actually Crested Cream Legbars, the some myself was in reference to the egg colour focus. So I dont think it would help your pens much. I was wondering if I could snail mail you a shell for comparison? Sorry to get you so excited!
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