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  1. MokiYoki

    Cutiepie Chicken Breed project.

    *Im thinking to call the breed "Cutiepie" but let me know if you have a good name for them* Ive been working on my project breed for one year now, since its the start of a new year I thought Id detail my flock, my breedings, and plans for upcoming year. Im very excited about my F1s and the up...
  2. MokiYoki

    My hen is becoming a rooster?

    So I have a WFBS hen, she was a great layer but I havent seen her eggs lately, which isnt that unusual as it is winter anyways. But Ive been noticing her mounting the other hens, and today her comb unflopped! She seems pretty healthy but her comb does look a little paler than the others. Should...
  3. MokiYoki

    Young bird seems uninterested in food

    So, around 3 weeks ago I noticed she was emaciated. So I brought her inside and started her on a diet of high protein soft food. At first I had to force feed her but after the first day she begun eating on her own and once she regained some weight and strength I brought her back outside where I...
  4. MokiYoki

    A mutation! Stripes in a black bird

    The feathers sorta look like this and they are only on it's chest. Its mother is a blue mottled belgian d'uccle, and its father is a black silkie. There are also 4 others out of the same mother/father who dont have anything like this. Besides that the father has also been crossed to another...
  5. MokiYoki

    Greenhouse run

    We are buying this: and turning it into a run by reskining it with 12mm hardware cloth. only catch is Ill need a skirt too. I was thinking of using plastic roofing panels as the...
  6. MokiYoki

    Tucking roosters into bed!

    So I've discovered that my rooster, who normally will crow before it even gets light outside, has an off switch! If I put him into his basket nest and tuck him into bed with a towel in a dark space, then he will sleep until I get him up without making a peep. He won't crow at all until I take...
  7. MokiYoki

    Chicken head/beak measurements?

    So I'm designing a thing and I need accurate measurements of chickens heads especially around the beaks and nostrils of all ages and sex. please if you have a chick, pullet, cockerel, hen or rooster thats easy to handle a standard coin, some time and a camera send me a photo! example image attached
  8. MokiYoki

    My Project Breed Plan

    I think I'll call them Blue Spot Chickens. I'm intending for them to be extended black silver based with charcoal and other melanizers. I also want to have both mottling and leaky heterozygous dominant white breeding true (aka all 3 colours look good even in a mixed flock) along side the solid...
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