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  1. CochinLover1

    Comment by 'CochinLover1' in item 'Orpington'

    Then... don't rate the bird poorly because of a bad line. Try again with a murray mcmurray, (all of my buffs from there are so super sweet and excellent layers). Then rate once you are 100% sure on the breed. Rate Ideal Poultry poorly. Not the breed.
  2. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Salmon Favorelle'

    I love my favorelle. He is sweet, and always comes up to me. This breed is a very friendly and a pretty good egg layers. They are a dual purpose breed, leaning more towards the heavier side. My rooster "Babe"
  3. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Orpington'

    I love my buff Orpingtons. They are friendly, docile, great egg layers, great mothers, great for meat. A hardy, cold tolerant breed as well.
  4. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Rhode Island Red'

    I have a six year old hen named Cookie. She is an ongoing wonder to us, she also has spurs now. The greatest thing about this? She is still laying and is still thin. This is a very hardy breed. They will pull out of just about anything. Not good mothers. They lay pretty consistently and are...
  5. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Wyandotte'

    I have silver laced wyandottes. They are very friendly birds and get along well with the other birds . They do eat a lot and get fat. They lay pink eggs with white speckles on them. They are very pretty and have great temperament.
  6. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'New Hampshire'

    I always keep a couple of these birds in my flocks. These birds are not amazing egg layers but they will lay for a long time. At an older age they tend to be egg eaters so extra protein and calcium is recommended. These hens are independent and seem to avoid predators very well. They are...
  7. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Sussex'

    I love my speckled sussex hens! we have a hen named susan, (we call her one-eyed susan which is a pun after the flower, black-eyed susan) and she is a goofy little bird. Her tail is at a 90 degree angle sideways and she has one blind eye. She is quite the comical little bird. She is an excellent...
  8. CochinLover1

    Comment by 'CochinLover1' in item 'White Bresse'

    Only my roosters were aggressive. My Bresse hens are some of the most friendly in my flock too.
  9. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'White Bresse'

    All of my Bresse hens are very friendly! The roosters were not, however. The meat on the Bresse is superior in taste. It is the fillet mignon of the chicken world. This breed was originated by the French for its meat. Very good breed if you want a superior meat bird other than your normal cornish.
  10. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Chocolate'

    I really like my chocolate turkeys. Their meat has more of a game taste to it and they are a little on the flighty side. They are friendly and good mothers. I have a chocolate hen that wants to do nothing but lay on eggs. They are very good for free ranging.
  11. Chocolate


    A rare heritage breed of turkey
  12. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Sweetgrass'

    This is a rare heritage turkey. My sweetgrass are very good layers in the spring and they taste excellent. One of my hens hatched a hatch of 6 chicks in her first year of laying. This is my personal favorite breed of turkey and they are super friendly. My sweetgrass always come up to me and...
  13. Sweetgrass


    This is a rare breed of heritage turkey.
  14. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Delaware'

    Delaware are a pretty good breed overall. The hens are good egg layers and have very quirky and fun personalities that seem to stand out in my flock. I have had all of my cockerels and roosters become aggressive at a young age. Not only towards people, but other chickens. The roosters that have...
  15. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Narragansett'

    These turkeys are very good meat birds and are weather resistant. I absolutely love my Narragansetts. They are pretty, and APA approved if you had any interested in doing 4-H. These birds are the leaders of my turkey flock. Also, as young poults they are hardy.
  16. CochinLover1

    Comment by 'CochinLover1' in item 'Blue Slate'

    None of our slate poults died. Agreed, very hardy.
  17. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Blue Slate'

    I have had my slates for about three years now. I love them. They are great to show at the county fair and are very friendly. I do my own poultry processing and very much enjoy the rich flavor of the blue slate's meat. They are great for free ranging, very friendly, and very hardy. These turkeys...
  18. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Bielefelder'

    I have had bielefelders for 4 years now. They are an excellent breed. Their temperament is very good as well. My Bielefelders are very sweet. I have never had any of my roosters attack me or even give me a sideways glance. The roosters are also friendly and nice towards their hens and each...
  19. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Ameraucana'

    I have had show Ameraucanas for a long time. Their fun personalities and hardiness never stops amazing me. I have had these hens and roosters pull out of some severe injuries very quickly and have a good recovery. These chickens are also the leaders of my flock. They lay very pretty blue eggs...
  20. CochinLover1

    Review by '' on item 'Lakenvelder'

    I have 9 Lakenvelders currently. All of mine are very friendly and sociable. They lay creamy colored eggs and are a good egg laying breed. They aren't a duel purpose breed, they are slightly bigger than bantams.
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