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  1. duckyfromoz

    First Duck Hatch - Please help me 'sit on my hands'

    Well done so far !! Sorry it took me so long to see the notification that I was mentioned back in the first few posts. I often see the membrane a yellow brown colour especially on the ones that pip the wrong end of the egg, You have plenty of humidity on there so hopefully all is still...
  2. duckyfromoz

    Ancona vs Appleyard ducklings

    Oh wow - Ancona and Appleyard ducklings should look fairly different. A good breeder should know one from the other quickly. Depending on how pure the lines are- and ancona duckling should be yellow with irregular dark markings. The appleyard ducklings should be basically yellow with...
  3. duckyfromoz

    Duck with a weird leg injury..?

    An infection in poultry is often a more " cottage cheese" like consistency- so that fact that what came out of the lump was fluid is a good sign. Continuing the antibiotics is a good idea. Did you take any photos of the lump at all ? If it reforms- if you could post a photo here it may...
  4. duckyfromoz

    HOLY CRAP! I have 2 sets of twins!

    Making sure they can both breath is the real key to getting them out alive so it sounds like your little guys have a great chance so far. Best of luck with them ( and the second egg too ) - its so rare to get them out alive. I had a double yolker a few years ago that made it to day 28 but...
  5. duckyfromoz

    Need advice from an experienced duck/goose person ASAP! Possible shrink wrap?

    So glad things all turned out ok in the end. Sometimes it really is best to leave them alone to do there thing. They sure do test our patience though dont they. Congrats on the new gorgeous babies.
  6. duckyfromoz

    Whats wrong with my duck?????

    Sorry to read she didnt make it. Ducks are usually pretty hardly and often hide illness until its too late to help them.
  7. duckyfromoz

    Sick Duck?

    Poor little guy- he may have had some rough living conditions- if he didnt have access to swimming water he may not have been preening enough - or possibly the poor feather condition means he will soon molt. The bill thing is kind of normal- a build up of old skin cells isnt usually a...
  8. duckyfromoz

    Duckling can't walk

    A break or dislocation in a very young duck can sometimes be hard to detect. Either of these types of injuries can also happen very easily when they are young two. Sadly I had 2 ducklings last season that broke there legs- A very odd thing as in about 30 years of raising waterfowl i had...
  9. duckyfromoz

    Whats wrong with my duck?????

    How long has she been like this? If only a few days there is a possibility she may be egg bound if she was laying.
  10. duckyfromoz

    An update from OZ

    haha.. Blondiega1 I do get a bit of a Fro when the humidity is high- Sadly I cant take any ducks on the next trip. I wouldnt get then through customs at Japan- But I am hoping to get some photos of the local wildlife while I am over there. I did a google search today of what birds i can...
  11. duckyfromoz

    An update from OZ

    Yes - Im still here- I never get time to log in while I am at work any more but since we are heading into winter now- Im sure to be spending more time indoors and on the computer again on cold evenings. I didnt hatch many last spring- I kept having " escapee" issues every time I tried to...
  12. duckyfromoz

    Looking for "Sticky Duckling" Pictures and Info

    I dont have any really clear photos to share just some blurry dark ones of a duckling I called Scooter many years ago - But if you can imagine covering a duckling with hair gel and waiting for it to dry- thats really much what they look like. Its best to try and remove as much as possible of...
  13. duckyfromoz

    An update from OZ

    I havent been visiting the forum for a long time- but Im having a lazy Sunday today- and catching up on some things that I have been meaning to do for ages. There are so many new members here now- but for those of you who do remember me.. Yes I still have my ducks - and will hopefully get the...
  14. duckyfromoz

    Confused about duck feed

    Some of the larger ducks- Rouens, Muscovies Pekins, Aylesbury are all more seasonal in their laying. They will lay late winter to part way through the summer - and molting will also cause a break in laying as well. Do you only have one female duck ? If the other two are both males you...
  15. duckyfromoz

    SILVER - Indian Runner Duck's!

    So sorry you lost your girl- she certainly was very pretty.
  16. duckyfromoz

    A plethora of questions...

    Hi Jacqui - and welcome to the forum!! I live down in Melbourne and have mostly Runners. Do you feed your babies any commercially produced feed or just what you listed? You may think that they are getting a balanced diet- but its so easy to overlook something- all the hard work and...
  17. duckyfromoz

    Lil Duckling Having Trouble Walking

    Where are your ducklings housed? Do they have plenty of room to walk and run around during the day? I sometimes have a duckling that will walk a little like that- kind of stiff legged and all when they are outgrowing the brooder and need more space to be able to move around more. Making...
  18. duckyfromoz

    *~*Runner Duck Club*~*

    Does he have a full range of movement in the leg? Describing it as just staying out straight behind him means its not likely to be something like a slipped tendon - and since he can walk - hopefully in time with some more strength the leg will improve. Have you given him a swim yet? That...
  19. duckyfromoz

    khaki Campbell heartbreaking hatch.

    What temperature were you running the incubator at and where in the incubator were you measuring the temp from? With no fan there can be a few degrees difference in different areas - such as higher to lower- and in the corners. If the temp was too low it can take a few extra days for them to...
  20. duckyfromoz

    Help! Baby duck can't lift it's head!

    What a precious new little life. Thiamine deficiency can also cause neck problems. As Miss Lydia has said- getting some vitamins is a good idea for this little one. You should be able to get poultry vitamins at any feed store in powdered form but also vitamins for caged birds is just as...
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