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  1. Beaglemomof5

    FINALLY, broody hens, buuuut......

    We’ve had our chickens for 3 years & FINALLY 2 of them have decided to go broody, but, they won’t stay on the same nest!!! I have 4 nests & the other hens stand on the ground & fuss at the broody hens because they want to get in the nest to lay. (I have gone in there & find 3 hens in the same...
  2. Beaglemomof5

    HELP-my incubator won’t heat!!!!

    I’ve got one of the China made incubators that I hope someone can help me with. It won’t get hot enough. It won’t get above about 86 degrees. I’ve put 2 brand new heating elements in it but it hasn’t helped a bit. Can you tell me what else I need to look at? It’s like the one in the pic. I don’t...
  3. Beaglemomof5

    Permethrin for flies

    Even though I’ve kept my coop pretty much clean of chicken poo, we’ve been having trouble with flies the last couple of weeks, so I just stopped & bought some Permethrin. Is there a specific way to mix & spray, or do I just follow the directions on the label? We’ve not had this problem in the...
  4. Beaglemomof5

    Best inexpensive incubator???

    What is the best, reliable inexpensive incubator? TIA
  5. Beaglemomof5

    Quail eggs. What am I doing wrong?!!!

    I put 96 quail eggs in the incubator, kept the temp at 99.5-100 degrees, humidity between 40-50% the first 20 days, then when we took them out of the automatic turner, we kept the humidity around 65-70%. On day 21 they started pipping (yay - even though it was 2 days early!) The ones that...
  6. Beaglemomof5

    Best inexpensive incubator??

    I currently have an incubator like the picture I’ve attached, but am beginning to think I need another one. Everything I’ve read said to NOT trust the thermostat or humidity reading on any of the incubators - that I should buy another hygrometer to put inside - so I did! How do I know which one...
  7. Beaglemomof5

    What’s wrong with my hen? Help please!!

    One of my Isa Brown hens has been acting really strange for a couple of days now. She stands around with her feathers fluffed up & I’ve not seen her eat anything when I go to feed them. When I walk up to her & reach down to pick her up, it’s like she wakes up & will run off acting fine for a...
  8. Beaglemomof5

    Homemade feed

    Can anyone tell me what to buy to make my own feed for my hens, please? I can get all sorts or grains, seeds, etc at a feed mill not far from home & could buy it in 50 pound bags & mix it, but I’m not sure what to buy. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. Beaglemomof5

    What am I?!!

    Can anyone tell me what breed my hen is? She’s very skittish too, will she calm down or is her breed known for not relaxing around humans? We’ve had her for about a month & she’s not relaxed any at all.
  10. Beaglemomof5

    Corid powder directions PLEASE!!

    I have a sick hen that I believe has coccidiosis. I have isolated her & mixed the powder in her water but I would really like to give her a some with a dropper since she’s not wanting to drink much. Is there another dosage that I can give her with a dropper that might help her better than just...
  11. Beaglemomof5

    Sick hen - PLEASE help!!

    Can anyone PLEASE tell me what’s wrong with my hen? We’ve not had our chickens but a shirt while & we’ve not separated them to know which are laying & which are not, but the most eggs we’ve gotten in a day from the is 4 & there are 7 hens. She’s been lethargic for 2 days now. Eats & drinks a...
  12. Beaglemomof5

    Do you leave egg shells out all the time?

    Just wondering if it’s okay to leave out crushed egg shells all the time. I’ve read that the girls know when they need the extra calcium & will eat them when they need to.
  13. Beaglemomof5

    Do we open the incubator now or wait?

    We have quail eggs that started hatching out yesterday morning & only half of them have hatched. When I left for work this morning there were 12, now 9 hours later there are 14. Do we go ahead & get the babies out to start feeding them or wait a while longer to see if more hatch out? Will it...
  14. Beaglemomof5

    We have babies!!!

    We were beginning to think we’d messed up somewhere along the way, but our baby quail finally started hatching early this morning!!! This is our first attempt at incubating & it is SO exciting!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the little things!! My husband is keeping me informed at work as the...
  15. Beaglemomof5

    Hello! I’m a newbie!

    Hello, my name is Jennifer & I live in south Alabama. My husband & I together have 4 grown children & 9 grandchildren & currently have 5 dogs that rescued us. We are fairly new to chickens (we had a few a loooong time ago just to have fresh eggs) but have decided to get back into having some...
  16. Beaglemomof5

    What breed are these?

    We just bought 7 of these chickens yesterday at an auction. Could anyone tell us what breed they are?
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