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  1. LucyCorbett

    My hens HATE wheat?

    Hey, so basically I’ve had my two hens for just over a year now, I’ve tried multiple mixed corns and in all of them they have hated wheat. I have no clue why but my grass is just covered in wheat as they knock it all out of the bowls and eat everything else! Is there any alternative to wheat as...
  2. LucyCorbett

    Hen attacked!

    Hi, So yesterday one of my hens was attacked by a neighbours border collie, luckily someone in my family noticed before it did too much damage. It managed to get in somewhere, but I have no clue where, so I’m keeping both of my hens inside my conservatory at the moment. She has one little wound...
  3. LucyCorbett

    Hen with diarrhoea

    I have three back garden hens that I’ve had since November so I’m fairly new to owning them. One of my hens is 1 years old and recently I’ve noticed heavy breathing from her, she’s quite a nervous hen and is at the bottom of the pecking order so I was wondering that it could be the other 2...
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