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    What can I do to strengthen my immune system?

    Quote: Hey Karen, Can you tell me why raw is not good?
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    What can I do to strengthen my immune system?

    Quote: Why are you recommending roasting egg shells as opposed to letting them dry out and feeding them?
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    I don't advocate using spinosad ON chickens, but rather on the coop. They are great with hard bodied mites and of course soft bodied. I just buy straight Spinosad. I don't need much of it, but if you did, your local farm supply (the kind that sells fertilizer, lime and pesticides) will have...
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    Thanks Glenda! Tons of great info on Spinosad. I appreciate you taking the time to post the links and find all this!!!! I would add to your reputation, but for some reason BYC no longer gives m text editor or other functions on here. Probably a cookies problem....
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    Quote: Spinosad is naturally derived, as is neem. both are in line with the National Organic Program (NOP). :-)
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    I do not use chemicals. *create dust bath areas with DE, wood ash, a little lime and dirt *clean coop out thoroughly and spray all wood areas with neem oil and spinosad (both organically approved)2 times 7 days apart *wash legs with soapy water, rinse and dry. Coat with olive oil every day for...
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    Yikes! Large wound on hen.

    I love sprayable saline.. It comes in a can and I keep it around for such occasions. I find some hens prefer to heal with their friends. Spray the wound out daily with saline (I get the kind with aloe in it) and put some neosporin in there. Make sure she's peppy and eating. I've had plenty...
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    Ameraucana's refuse to lay eggs!

    I would try putting a light in the hen house and increasing protein by 25%. My Ameraucanas slow down in winter to nothing if I don't have a light on. Put the light on a time giving 1/2 more light in the am than there is. increase every week by 15 minutes.
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    Steel Cut Oats and Free Range testimonial

    I think steal cut oats are great. I would soak them over night. I'm happy to hear of your success!
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    What can I do to strengthen my immune system?

    Give them the egg shells back, crumbled up for the calcium they need. They need access to plants if all you feed is wheat and corn. Give them a little salt - 1/2 tsp in their water once a week. Give them all the extra food from the kitchen. If you can give them peas they will get more...
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    Why can't you feed uncooked rice to your flock?

    Rice should be cooked. It's too hard to digest. HOWEVER... If you have had success with it before, and no one is dying, then maybe your birds are more suited? Different birds from different areas get used to their ecosystem. If this was every 6 months, and no one has gotten sick, I say you...
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    Coop flooring

    Whatever you put in it shouldn't mat easily. I would thing the particles were NOT a good choice. They are so small that I believe the will mat up and not aerate well. I think hay is great on a dirt floor. 12" thick. throw a handful of scratch in there every day or so and they will keep it...
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    Chocolate Orpingtons

    Quote: I believe you would get 25% chocolates. Isolate with the male for 2 weeks before collecting and setting eggs.
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    Geting and Raising Chicks

    My Ameraucanas are still laying every other day at 2 years. I think they are a good hearty bird. Not high production, but steady. I like Jersey Giants!
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    Baby chick with hurt foot (Please help!)

    I would get a little piece of triangular shaped (cut to fit) thin cardboard, like from a cereal box. Cut to fit her foot when the toes are spread. Taper her foot to the cardboard with toes flat, as foot would be if on the ground. Don't give up yet IF you are a small flock owner. A taped foot...
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    Baby chick with hurt foot (Please help!)

    It could be spraddle leg. I love watching a mama raise babies, but not all of them are good moms. I usually take the chicks away and put them under a lamp. Som,etimes I leave her one if she hatched the (that seems fair after all that work!). Watch that your mama is attemtive and not...
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    What breeds of chicks to get, and best way to raise them tame?

    Quote: I have to agree! I breed Orpingtons and LOVE them! My favorite color is the Chocolate Orpington. I find they are the sweetest, most doicile birds. On top of it they go broody almost every spring so you can hatch! Also, they are heavy featheredso they are great for cold weather. I also...
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    8 weeks old

    If you have them off the heat lamp and you see their heads fully feathered, they should be good. Make sure they have a corner with lots of straw --draft free-- to huddle in. I've put them out when they were still getting feathers on their backs and they have faired just fine with their...
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    Broody hens stealing chicks

    I stopped vaccinating my flock for mareks some time ago. I have about 2 deaths a year from it out of the 200 or so chicks I hatch and raise here each year. You can buy vaccine if you like. It is expensive and has to be thrown away because it doesn't keep, but what's $40 if it's really...
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