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  1. Macchickenman

    Giving your hens the right food....

    HI all, I have four hens of different breeds... They are 5.5 months old and two of the four are laying.... My question is..... I am giving them treats like sunflower seeds, scratch, spaghetti.. (they love it!!!!) corn, hard boiled eggs.... They are not eating their layer food from Southern...
  2. Macchickenman

    When will they start laying?

    I am a new chicken lover and I have a black Australorp, a Buff Orpington, an Americana and a cream leg bar all about four months old. Thoughts about when they will start laying?
  3. Macchickenman

    Montgomery county, Md

    I have four hend about 2 1/2 weeks old that I’m going to raise and keep in the nice coop in the backyard. I’m just want to have anybody else lives in Montgomery County Maryland and can tell me if they’ve had any run-ins with any inspectors. Mac
  4. Macchickenman

    I am brand new!

    Hello everyone, my friend has been raising chickens for years and just got me started with three hens. I’m very excited as are my kids to have these new family members in our family. I have an AuraCana, a buff Orpington and a cream legbar and I’m hoping to get a black Australorp on Thursday to...
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