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  1. ramirezframing

    What type of bug?

    Cleaning out some coops and my son noticed these bugs in the wet dirt (had a lot of rain lately). They don't get off of the dirt unless knocked off, not even when I held the clump of dirt in my hand of a while (so not seeking heat or anything like I thought a blood sucking mite would). Does...
  2. ramirezframing

    Marans Insert - APA SOP

    Marans aren't in my 2010 SOP book, unless I missed them
  3. ramirezframing


    how much does pure RP, sweet grass, and BR eggs and poults go for? thanks for any help
  4. ramirezframing

    can you guess what I am?

    I know what the parents are, can you guess what they are? Have fun
  5. ramirezframing

    lakenvelders from a hatchery

    Has anyone ordered lakenvelders from a hatchery? How big was the order of lakenvelders and how did they do? Was it the sliver or golden lakenvelders and what hatchery? Thanks for any information.
  6. ramirezframing

    what type of banty

    these are a friend of mine's birds. She having problems posting pictures. So what type of bantam are these two? they are both black and red in color. Thanks for any and all help.
  7. ramirezframing

    not walking but can move legs

    I got a friend that has had a 2 yr old broody silkie all of a sudden not be able to walk but she could move her legs and had force behind her kicking when you picked her up. Since than theres been a 2 month old chick with this and now a pol hen. All a couple of months apart and in totally...
  8. ramirezframing

    help with poult

    both legs are doing this bend at the joint to the same side. its a month old. mom is an rp dad was a bronze cross. why is it and how do I fix it
  9. ramirezframing

    whats the makeup

    suppose to be a black copper maran.
  10. ramirezframing

    hurt turkey

    I have a bronze x broad breasted tom who will be a yr old in mid spring. He fell today trying to get away from me as he doesn't like being touched. He was turning away and fell, now he will try to stand and either is unbalanced and sinks back down flapping his wings, or he tries to walk and...
  11. ramirezframing

    rabbit toys

    Got thekids one rabbit, After a few days it started pulling on the dirnking end of the water bottle, why? What are good toys for a rabbit? It gets grass everyday and a small carrot every other day along with rabbit pellets. Theres hay in the house for it, a stick to chew, and a salt lick. Is...
  12. ramirezframing

    pheasants pen

    Can chain link fencing be used for red golden pheasants or will they go though it?
  13. ramirezframing

    LF golden lakenvelder

    I have been looking for any LF golden lakenvelder, even roosters! Please pm if you have. Thanks Jamie
  14. ramirezframing

    bronze cross

    Anyone ever cross a bronze and a rp? whats the offspring like?
  15. ramirezframing

    Egyptain Swifts

    Does anyone have these or know anything about them?
  16. ramirezframing

    rio grande wild turkey

    Does anyone have some? My DH wants some. What are they like? Do you sell eggs or if close by poults?
  17. ramirezframing


    I got 4 males and 4 females this springs as babes, how do I pen them so no one is hurt or killed? Can I pen a pair together and be fine? How long till their group of 8 stops being nice? Thanks for the help
  18. ramirezframing

    what it it?

    What type? We were told bronze as a chick. Hen or tom so I can find a buddy for it as the other buddy died suddenly. Thanks alot for the help.
  19. ramirezframing

    bronze turkey

    do both male and female bronze get the beard, even if its lttle and you only see it if you move feathers?
  20. ramirezframing

    puffy eyes=death

    I have lost 3 4 month old polish/sultan cross chicks to whatever this is. They are fine during the day and than I found #1 dead Tuesday morning, no sings of anything. Wensday moring, #2 same thing. Yesterday morning I found # 3 dead with a puffy face on one side (side on floor of coop) and what...
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