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  1. jak2002003

    My young birds are messing me about!!!

    They are being really stubborn and refusing to go back into the loft after free flying. They prefer to spend the night on the house roof! I have 4 that are doing this. I am used to the young birds taking a bit of time to train to trap, but this year they are worse than ever. I cut the feed...
  2. jak2002003

    Love and Pigeons (movie / film).

    I randomly came across this 1980's Russian film as it came up in my suggesting viewing on You Tube.… 'Love and Pigeons'. It has some nice pigeons (fantails, rollers, high flyers) in it.. and an interesting pigeon house owned by the main character. Nice shots of the birds flying and...
  3. jak2002003

    Can Widowed Male Finch Raise Chicks Alone?

    My pair of Gouldian finches started to breed for their first time. They both seemed really healthy and active and everything was going great. The chicks hatched 3 days ago and both parents were taking great care of them. This morning the female was sitting on the cage floor looking sick...
  4. jak2002003

    How to contact a moderator about poster abusing animals?

    How to a send a message to a moderator to alert them to a poster who is robbing wild bird nests for eggs, chicks, and then killing the birds through mistreatment and neglect? He has posted on here many times asking for advise about feeding baby birds and by now he must have killed over 20, with...
  5. jak2002003

    Pigeon Squab with leg problems

    This is an update to my post about one of my squabs not being able to stand up or use it legs and feet. The bird is much stronger now, and its parents are now feeding it plenty of food. It has grown a lot bigger. The good news is it can now stand up on his haunches and get about, and also...
  6. jak2002003

    Pigeon Squab can't stand up.

    First time I have experienced anything like this with my pigeons. One of the squabs seems to have very weak legs and feet and can't stand up or move about. I noticed when I inspected the nest as I was concerned the smaller of the squabs was lagging behind in growth. Usually squabs will...
  7. jak2002003

    My Chinese Painted quails escaped!!!!

    My pet quails escaped the outdoor aviary yesterday and I spotted them pecking about on the back lawn. When I approached them they all flew up high into the air and away. They were really tame and I am surprised they were spooked by me, as they usually run to me to get food. Anyway, they...
  8. jak2002003

    Squab injured wings.

    Yesterday I came home to a bit of a disaster. A pigeon squab has been badly injured by another pigeon trying to take over the nest box. Its father is top of the pecking order and boss of the coop, but somehow managed to get out the trap door and locked out while I was at work, so could not...
  9. jak2002003

    Pigeon limping

    Today one of my pigeons is limping. I think it's broke or sprained its toe and maybe hurt its hip. I think it might have caught its foot in the wire mesh of the coop during the night. I can't see any blood, only a red line on the top of its foot. it stands OK on both legs / feet, but...
  10. jak2002003

    Interesting You Tube Find

    This event looks amazing!! No idea how each person gets their own birds back at the end of it lol.
  11. jak2002003

    Cute Pigeons look like Penguines!!!

    Came across this video on You Tube. Never seen pigeons coloured like this before. So cute.. wish I could have some too...
  12. jak2002003

    Unplanned nest casuing problem in the pigeon loft.

    I was away for a week, and a friend was caring for my 5 pigeons. When I came home one pair has laid eggs and has a nest on the floor of the coop (as I don't breed them they don't have nest boxes). The problem is that now this pair have claimed all the floor of the coop as they territory and...
  13. jak2002003

    My quail like a paddling pool to keep cool!!

    My Chinese Painted Quails were panting and clearly a bit uncomfortable in the heat in the afternoons. Right now the weather is hot … 38 today, as its the hot dry season here.. My quails live in large planted aviary with my songbirds, and on the aviary floor is a large shallow terracotta...
  14. jak2002003

    Mynah Bird Question.

    Hi. I have a pet Hill Mynah bird (now about 1 half years old) and was thinking if it is OK the clip his wings (same way as people often do with parrots and parakeets)? Also interested to talk to anybody else who keeps this birds. Mine lives in our garden in a large home made cage. He...
  15. jak2002003

    sick budgie.. please help.

    I keep and breed budgies for many years and have about 30 at the moment. Sometimes one will get ill and I an quite experienced with knowing what the problem is and treating it myself... because the vets here won't treat birds at all!! However, one of my birds is ill and has got me stumped what...
  16. jak2002003

    How fat should pigeon be?

    I noticed 2 of my birds are overweight, so I decided to catch up all 5 birds and have a feel of how heavy they were. I know 2 are very overweight because they feel fat and I can't feel their breastbone! 2 more seem 'normal' weight, I can feel their breastbone and muscle either side, but I...
  17. jak2002003

    Scruffy Stunted pigeon.. will he ever look good?

    I thought I would share the story of my scruffy pigeon with you all, and I would be interested to know if anyone has had a similar experience. Had a pair of squabs in my pigeons nest. One was falling behind and got much smaller than its brother at a couple week old. So I would hand feed it...
  18. jak2002003

    New Coop.

    I posted a while ago about my new pigeon coop and wanted to share my update. Before each pair had a separate cage and it took time to clean, feed and water each pair every day (and difficult for people to look after the bird if I had to go away a few days). I finally got some proper pigeon...
  19. jak2002003

    My New Pigeon Coop

    Finally I got my coop finished. The birds seem to love it. Just going to make some wire bob trap for the small door. Once they are settled in I will add about 6 nest boxes by hanging them on the outside on the left side (similar to the chicken nesting boxes you see on outside of chicken...
  20. jak2002003

    racing pigeons caught a bullet-train in China.

    Thought some of you fellow pigeon fanciers might find this News report interesting.
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