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  1. Magic Birdie

    Button quail late hatch

    *sigh* So I put this subject on the Incubating and Hatching Eggs forum and bumped it for two days, but no one replied. Anywhoo, I've had 15 button eggs in my bator for 19 days now. Temperature and humidity were okay. I did have a temp spike during the night, where it went up to 105ish, but I...
  2. Magic Birdie

    What's the longest it's taken for an egg to hatch?

    In your experience. I'm a bit impatient and worried waiting for my button quail eggs to hatch. They're two days late with no movement. Also include your early hatches! What was the earliest they've hatched? Gaaah, I wanted to make it multiple choice, but I forgot :(
  3. Magic Birdie

    What was the longest it's taken for an egg to hatch?

    EDIT: PLEASE IGNORE THIS THREAD. I made a new one since I messed up the poll and pressed enter before I was done. Thank you.
  4. Magic Birdie

    Button quail log-it's hatch day, but the eggs didn't move

    It's day 17 today (the way I counted was that the day after I set them was day one, then the next was day two, etc), and there has been absolutely no movement in my incubator. The temperature has been around 100, and the humidity, which was around 65% when I started lockdown, is now around 75. I...
  5. Magic Birdie

    Temperature spikes :(

    So I have 15 button quail eggs in my homemade incubator which worked very nicely for a while. It usually has a nice stable temperature, but if needed, I could put the styrofoam lid I cut out and replaced with plastic back on so it partially covers the top, regulating how much heat it retains...
  6. Magic Birdie

    Must I raise humidity the last few days?

    I'm going to be incubating button quail eggs soon in my homemade incubator. It's pretty good, staying at around 100*F and 54% humidity, but I have little control over the humidity. It's supplied by way of bowl with sponge and a LOT of water in it, not that it really matters how much water is...
  7. Magic Birdie

    Something killed my chickens :(

    I had two silkie chickens living in a coop that looked like this: A fenced run and an inside that was a rectangular prism of wood, but the roof had a hinge that allowed it to open. The coop stood an inch or so above the ground. I didn't put on the floor to let my chickens forage more and to not...
  8. Magic Birdie

    Getting rid of Marble? :(

    Crystal and Marble are my two silkies. They're over a year old, and Marble is full or crazy hormones. He makes it hard for me to get Crystal's eggs or to give them food/water. There's really very little reason to keep him... I just feel bad because the two are so attached and bonded, even...
  9. Magic Birdie

    First time my silkies will be outside...

    After having the two of them indoors for their entire lives (which would be just over a year), I got them a coop that I just finished building, my fingers are still thawing. It's just over freezing where I am, and I hope they'll be okay. They're staying out in the run for some reason. I wanted...
  10. Magic Birdie

    Do you play an instrument and how old when you when you started?

    Just a random poll out of curiosity. I started piano when I was 7-8, though I didn't take lessons for a year. (Ooh, I haven't gone on BYC for a while and almost forgot I'm not allowed to post my age). Let's just say that it means I've been playing for a couple years, not too much. I sometimes...
  11. Magic Birdie

    Skittish baby silkies

    So I recently got my first chickens after four long years of wanting them and research and the such. Anyways, my baby silkies are getting pretty skittish and jumpy. They were a week old when I got them, and now they're two weeks and three days old. They get more skittish every day, though I...
  12. Magic Birdie

    I'm back!

    The return of Magical Avian Emperor Mr. Lord King Sir! (NO, I'm a girl emperor lord king sir!) Most of you probably don't even know me :/ I've been kind of absent from BYC. Anyway, I'm back. And with poultry power (meaning I have chickens now!).
  13. Magic Birdie

    What color is my silkie chick?

    The multicolored one. Seems to be a mix of colors to me.
  14. Magic Birdie

    Throat issue... Help!

    So a few months ago, I had a really bad sore throat that lasted around a week, and I couldn't talk, whispering hurt, I kept coughing up saliva, and my throat really hurted (and in the same week, I had to perform in a musical). When it was starting to get better, I yelled a bit out of excitement...
  15. Magic Birdie

    Crossbreed egg question

    Just curious, if a small breed of hen that lays small eggs is crossed with a large breed rooster, assuming they were able to mate, and the chick was bigger than the hen, how would it fit in the egg? Would the egg be bigger? Would the embryo be stuffed? What would happen?
  16. Magic Birdie

    For how long have you been a member of BYC?

    Just vote on the poll, commenting is optional :D I've been a member for 18 months.
  17. Magic Birdie

    Making incubators

    How well do home-made incubators work? How well would this one work? (It looks simple enough) Do any of you have other incubator making ideas? It seems like the only way I'm going to ever get chickens. Thanks everyone
  18. Magic Birdie

    Got a new 'tiel!

    Here she is! Her name's Mango Standing on my guinea pig
  19. Magic Birdie

    annoying person rant

    Please do not bring drama from other venues to BYC. Edited by Staff
  20. Magic Birdie

    The 3rd ban the person above

    I really liked that thread. Basically, you just ban the person who posted before you in a friendly way. It doesn't have to have a legit reason. LET THE BANNING BEGIN!
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