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  1. The Nordic Hare Pen

    The Nordic Hare Pen

    As the name would suggest, this structure is actually used for keeping a rabbit (and later her offspring), but with some minor modifications, I think this would work great for chickens too, so I thought I'd write up an article on the build. If it were to be used for chickens, I think 4-6 birds...
  2. The Scandin-Avian Coop

    The Scandin-Avian Coop

    This is a mid-sized coop, built for about 6-8 occupants. It's insulated, and designed with easy maintenance in mind. Above the egg-boxes there's some storage-space. The whole back wall can be opened up to easily scoop out all the litter. The perches are located right in front of this door to...
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