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  1. Angiebubs

    2 month old Buff laced bearded Polish-Hen or Roo?

    A friend received this from Murray McMurray as the "exotic" included with their meat birds.This is my first polish-do you think its a male or female?
  2. Angiebubs

    Salmon Faverolles 5 wk old Cockerels Wisconsin/Minnesota

    5 week old Salmon Faverolles cockerel chicks from cloverleaf/Dick Boulanger/Peter Merlin lines. looking for good homes for these sweethearts Amery, WI
  3. Angiebubs

    Quarantine Question

    I hatched out some Salmon Faverolles chicks and of course its looking like mostly males. I was at our county fair and decided to buy some nice quality pullets to offer pairs with my cockerels. I plan on keeping them seperated for a month, treating with Eprinex for mites/lice/worms. I need to...
  4. Angiebubs

    "Hatch a Long" Setting eggs June 7th

    Looking for others that will be setting eggs this coming weekend? I have shipped eggs arriving Friday and plan on putting them under my 7 broody hens Sat after letting them sit/settle over night. Anyone else have eggs to hatch close to June 28th? Would love to discuss throughout the process~...
  5. Angiebubs

    acting drunk weak legs?

    i bought 2 chicks that are about 6~8 weeks old, from someome 1.5 weeks ago. this person takes great care of her chicks and all were happy healthy chicks. i have had them quarantined and one has seemed like it hasnt gained much. tonight its alert running eating and dust bathing but when...
  6. Angiebubs

    Fermented feed question

    I want to try to supplement dry foor with fermented food (tried this once and they appeared to like it). However after reading through mutiple blogs, forums, and websites, I am still confused on a couple points: -What is the difference to the birds on using ACV or Lacto (Buttermilk, yogurt...
  7. Angiebubs

    Orpington questions

    I constantly hear comments about traits of ________ Orpingtons (Blue, Black, Buff, Lav, Splash) and it often sounds like these are seperate breeds. People talk about personality, laying qualities, broodiness, friendliness etc. My understanding is these are all the same breed but just different...
  8. Angiebubs

    Papaya seeds

    Can I feed the papya seeds to the chickens? I plan on giving them the peelings and the seeds look soft and like something the girls would love-just want to make sure they arent toxic.
  9. Angiebubs

    Expereince with Feather Sexing

    I am curious if this is a myth or if actually works-please answer poll and leave any additional comments such as which breeds you have tried this with and your results and any tips you have to make this work. Thanks!
  10. Angiebubs

    barn cat eating eggs-suggestions?

    I have been getting 16-18 eggs per day for awhile now. recently there has been a slow decrease..then suddenly the last two days its dropped in half. I was suspicious that I had a egg eater. But I am now thinking it was the barn cat as I found 2 partial eggs in the box and the edges did not look...
  11. Angiebubs

    Lethargic hen

    The past few days I have a hen thats jsut been a little off...going to roost earlier than everyone else..not going out to free range when given the opportunity, etc. Yesterday she started getting worse. She is sitting around sleeping all the time. I have seen her eat a little....her poop is...
  12. Angiebubs

    Advice on letting broody hen hatch eggs

    I am thinking of putting fertile eggs under my 2 broody hens...for the first time. I am wondering what advice all of you have? Some questions I have: -Whats the best way to mark the fertile eggs so they dont get mixed up with daily egg gathering? -Whats the opinions on leaving hen in coop...
  13. Angiebubs

    Feeding store bought eggs to chickens?

    My babies finally started laying again when I added full spectrum light/timer. I have over 40 eggs in the fridge. However, I still have a dozen store bought eggs as well. Is there any harm in cooking up and feeding the store bought eggs to my chickens?
  14. Angiebubs

    Frozen eggs

    My hens are laying again with the timer/lights YEAH. THe problem is now with the temps hovering around zero-When I get home from work, the eggs seem to be frozen. Does this affect them at all? Do they cook up differently or when used in baking? I dont want to sell or give away eggs that aren't...
  15. Angiebubs

    Bleeding comb that won't stop

    I have 3 young roo's all raised together and they get along jsut fine. The past few days they started mating..still get along except when there is actual mating going on. After they go right back to preening each other etc. Tonight, one of the other roos got the comb of one roo...and I cant...
  16. Angiebubs

    What is this hen noise?

    I've heard 2 of my hens make this low rumble, (not quite a trill) almost purring noise. It seems like its either a content noise or something to do with the sun. Both times I've heard them, they were either bathing in the sun or staring at the sun coming through the window. Not sure if that is a...
  17. Angiebubs

    Young Roo crowing in the middle of the night?

    We are out BBQing (yes with it snowing) and one of my young roos starts crowing. It seems to be triggered by hearing voices. Has anyone else had this happen? I thought they should be sound asleep-no light is getting to them and they are inside the barn/coop aways away? My SO has made it clear...
  18. Angiebubs

    Marek vaccination for 4-6 month old chickens?

    Im concerned about 1 of my 4 month old chickens-either injured leg (2 days ago) or possibly mareks. Would it be smart to try and vaccinate the others at this point? Or is it too late? Being new to chickens, I bought day olds from a breeder and a couple older healthy hens from another breeder. I...
  19. Angiebubs

    bantam acting hurt? advice needed

    I have a tiny lil 4 month old bantam chochin mix...small for a banty. This morning I went out and she was on the floor, while all the rest were running around. She acted like she couldn't stand. Brought her in to look her over and she was alert, and finally stood up. When I took her back out...
  20. Angiebubs

    Questions about adding light to a coop..

    My hens stopped laying and I am considering adding additional light to get them back on track. According to "Storey" if they miss even a day it can stop them from laying. Is it too late to add light now? Also, since we currently have 8-9 hrs daylight, I would need to add about 5 hrs...does it...
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