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  1. Newyorkrita

    Backyard Poulty Magazine Talks about Sex Link "Breeds"

    Fantastic article in Backyard Poultry Magazine really explained the various crosses so that I could understand it easily. Understanding Sex-Link Hybrid Chickens
  2. Newyorkrita

    Lakeshore Eggers or ColorPack Layers or Easter Eggers

    So I was looking for colored egg layers. See ones called Lakeshore Eggers at Meyer. Read the fine print and see they were developed in Europe. Then at Freedom Ranger Hatchery I see what they are calling Easter Eggers. But get this it said This breed has no relation to the Ameraucana/Araucana...
  3. Newyorkrita

    Ideal Black Broilers VS Freedom Ranger Black Broiler

    First off hope this is the correct Forum to post this. I have been looking at both the Black Broilers at Ideal Hatchery and the ones they call the Freedom Ranger Black Broiler at Freedom Ranger Hatchery. Both seem very similar or maybe even the same. Freedom Ranger Hatchery said they have...
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