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  1. Mosey2003

    Partial Pea Combs From Single Comb Parents? Help

    I'm very confused right now. I bred a single comb cock to 5 single comb hens. Have 32 chicks of varying ages. Tonight I noticed 9 of them had what appears to be varying levels of a partial pea comb. How could this happen? Is there some sort of modifier one of the hens might lack that was...
  2. Mosey2003

    Pithing Revisited

    So, I know I've commented a few times that I want to try pithing. I have finally gotten organized and I have managed to find a knife that looks like it will be perfect for the job, from Stromberg's:
  3. Mosey2003

    Vaccinating for Respiratory?

    So, I'm getting some outside eggs in to hatch soon. Something swept through my flock in the last cold spell we had (-30F, it was miserable) and I can't quite tell for sure if it was Infectious Bronchitis or Mycoplasma. I'm leaning IB, but I'm just not 100%. I have an email in to our state lab...
  4. Mosey2003

    Stretching Hardware Cloth Tight - Best Practices?

    I'm finally getting ready to get my brooder set up with a wire floor. What I need to do is build a frame (or two, depending on how wide the opening is vs. where the floor will sit) and stretch hardware cloth over it. That part I'm fine with, gonna get some 1.5" square furring strips and screw...
  5. Mosey2003

    How Many Have A Yardbird Plucker?

    I'm getting to the point where I really want a drum plucker for myself. My bestie is building one right now, but the thing is heavy and isn't going to be moved between our houses, and I really don't want to haul birds up to her place every time I want to process. So, how many people actually...
  6. Mosey2003

    Breeding Pens - Dumb Idea?

    So, I'm wanting to single mate two or three hens this year. I want to be able to mark their eggs, so obviously I need to keep each hen alone. I plan to breed them in my big barn stall where my male currently resides. Have an idea for how to do this and want to know if it sounds stupid or is...
  7. Mosey2003

    Nutrition and Care for Heritage/Exhibition/SOP Birds

    Can we have a thread to share some knowledge on these things? I've been searching and reading old threads (working my way through the 1500 page (!) Heritage Large Fowl thread) and I'd like to see some info about what breeders currently are up to. Especially dual purpose exhibition breeders...
  8. Mosey2003

    Rooster Aggressive To Hens: Separation Help?

    So, I generally have rather few management questions, but I'd like some input on my current situation, preferably from users who have dealt with a similar situation. I have a ~2 year old cock. Respectful around me, usually just did his business and moved on with the hens (older pullets...
  9. Mosey2003

    Adding Horizontal Nipples To Heated Bucket?

    So, I've seen how people use aquarium or stock tank heaters in regular buckets with the horizontal nipples for winter, and I may end up doing that. BUT, I have a five gallon heated flat-back bucket already and I'm wondering if anyone has drilled through the sidewalls of those before? Is there...
  10. Mosey2003

    Run Covering - Tell Me If I'm Stupid lol

    So, my coop sits within a chain link dog kennel. I really want to get a tarp over part of it for this winter so that they have a snow-free run. I know that there are better ideas (mainly wiring cattle panels over the top so that they bow up), but they involve finding someone with a truck :lau...
  11. Mosey2003

    Sexlinks From Standard Bred Birds?

    I don't know why it's been bouncing around my head, but I've always been curious... Does anyone that breeds to the SOP ever do a sexlink cross here or there? I wonder how they would measure up to the hatchery models. Like, I have Barred Rocks. Wondering if, someday down the line, I picked up...
  12. Mosey2003

    WANTED: Standard Bred Barred Rock Cock/Cockerel (IL)

    Preferably near Illinois. Looking at my cock, I really would rather not use him. Looking for a cock or cockerel with good wing carriage and a good (upright) tail to complement my Good Shepherd pullets this fall/winter. A Stukel line would be a plus. Anyone have any leads?
  13. Mosey2003

    Barred Rock - Black Feathers?

    I have some nice Frank Reese pullets growing out right now, parents are big and show winners. One of them has two black blotches in her feathering. Obviously this is a fault. My question is: is this something that just crops up, or do I want to pull her from the breeding pen when I want to hatch...
  14. Mosey2003

    Odd Chick Death, Ideas?

    I have a playpen full of show line Barred Rock chicks. 16 of them, about 4 weeks old, with a couple that are a week or so older. Noticeably a bit bigger. They've been fine and dandy all this time, but yesterday I came home to one of the biggest pullets dead on the floor. Can they really be...
  15. Mosey2003

    Feeding Dual Purpose Cockerels

    I've searched quite a bit and haven't really found what I'm after. Does anyone have a really good feeding method/program for DP cockerels growing out to be butchered? Seen higher protein mentioned, seen corn or oats mentioned, but never any followup/conclusion. I'm going to stagger some...
  16. Mosey2003

    Leaking HovaBator Fixes?

    I have a HovaBator 1602n. I do not use the plastic tray for water, I want to use the whole bottom. Problem being, the bottom has started leaking (no cracks, just seeping through). What can I use to seal it? I'm thinking overlapping sheets of Glad Press N Seal, would that hold for 21 days, do...
  17. Mosey2003

    Supposed To Be Barred Rock, I Have Doubts - Help?

    I bought four chicks from a guy that breeds quite a few different birds. I want Barreds so I can breed sex links down the line. These birds I got are......interesting. They're all supposed to be pullets. They're all very aggressive. My Buff Orps hate them. Two have white legs, two have...
  18. Mosey2003

    Profitable Venture?

    Hope I can pick some brains here... I just ordered a 48 egg incubator and I'm toying with the idea of selling chickens. Thinking about getting three dozen fertile eggs from one of the people that sells farm eggs around here and hatching them in September. Then, raising them until March, and...
  19. Mosey2003

    Sand Bedding Question

    So, we got our little coop built and I laid linoleum in it and up the sides to hold the bedding. Got my washed river sand, got it in, mixed in a little Sweet PDZ, all fine. Put the chicks in last night and this morning it appears that they have churned much of their poo into the sand, as in...
  20. Mosey2003

    Curved Beaks?

    Hi there! I bought my first six chicks ever on February 15th. Buff Orpingtons from a private breeder, he claimed they were of English lines and vastly superior to hatchery chickens, I paid twice what the stores charge. Now that they're over a month old, I'm noticing their beaks are almost...
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