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  1. wolftracks

    Bantam Blue Langshan pair

    Modesto CA They have to stay together. They are my original pair. I can't afford to keep them, but they have to stay together. Lay a cream colored egg. They take sure good care of each other, so sold as a pair only. The hen is an excellent broody and one of my best layers.
  2. wolftracks

    Golden Phoenix

    Modesto CA SOLD Lt Golden cockerel and Golden pullet. About 7 months old. Pullet started laying last week. Sold as a pair only.
  3. wolftracks

    Lots of eggs of different breeds. Mostly purebreds and prices vary

    1 Doz plus extras Welsummer eggs. $30, plus shipping or you can pick up. My hens don't lay speckled eggs, but the roo came from a beautiful dark speckled egg. I dozen OEGB eggs plus extras. They're laying faster than I can set them. I have a Black Breasted Red roo over BBR Hens, a black hen and...
  4. wolftracks

    I have to brag a little. Had such an amzing day yesterday

    This is something I posted on FB just now. I'm still amazing and I needed to share this with my chicken family. Remember I am pasting this in, so name mentioned are my kids. Some of them. LOL Just want to say that if you want something, it's never to late!!! I had an amazing day...
  5. wolftracks

    Turner size question

    I need to know if a turner made for a LG will fit a Hovabator. I was going to loan one out, but do since setting up a meeting place if it won't fit.
  6. wolftracks

    Look what a cat almost got to

    I was out on my front porch and saw this little guy walking down the drive toward my garage. Wasn't going to bother him, but then I saw one of the many feral cats from the area, quickly moving all crouched down going straight for him. Chased the cat off and this little guy couldn't fly, so have...
  7. wolftracks

    Platinum Membership

    I asked a while back about when my Platinum Membership would expire and was told that I'd be notified. I Have no idea if it's been canceled or if expiration in up, but it's now showing. What happened?
  8. wolftracks

    How many can do this for Veteran's Day?

    I posted this on my FB, but thought I'd share it here. I have an idea for everyone for Veteran's Day. Visit a Vet Hospital or Center and say hello. You'd be surprised how much you're acknowledgement means. Say thank you or make a friend. So many of them are there alone and far from family...
  9. wolftracks

    Closed my edit

    I add and remove constantly on the California thread. I add new members and show info and so on. My option isn't available and I really need to add and remove information there. Can someone help me? Is there a way that that post can always have an edit option or am I going to have to start a...
  10. wolftracks

    Need some member help.....please

    . I need a favor from everyone please............ This is my niece's niece's brother. He wrote a book and the publisher said if he could get enough likes, he'd publish it. He needs 2000 likes. He's a far cry from that. You need to click on the link to like the page. Please help him out. I can't...
  11. wolftracks

    Norton Blocking BYC

    Is anyone else having a problem on the site? I started getting warnings from Norton whenever I tried to open the Mother's Day Hatch thread, but now it's on every page. Right now I'm here typing and the page is flashing off and on. I ran a scan on my laptop and it had some tracking cookies, but I...
  12. wolftracks

    Sometimes it's not the end

    I was at my daughter's this weekend taking care of the baby and driving two older kids to work and the youngest son to his games and came home saturday afternoon to check on my animals. First stop was the brooder. I had one project chick in there from a roo I sold and didn't want to lose. The...
  13. wolftracks

    Zipped and died / Membrane like porcelin????

    I have a hatch due tomorrow and notice my humidity was about 4 % lower than I was comfortable with. I thought I had left a hatching cage in that should have been pulled, but it was for this hatch. Don't remember using it. Anyway I look inside and see the date on the eggs and then notice an AM...
  14. wolftracks


    I'm just interested in your thoughts about this one, if you use or have used it. Also is there a turner for it. I'm looking online, but haven't found one yet.
  15. wolftracks

    California Central Valley /Stockton FREE OF CHARGE April 24th/ Only 2 more days!

    Mods, if this should be in another area, could you please move it? Special Pet Care Event Carrington College 1313 W Robinhood Dr. Suite #B Stockton. It is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE and we will include a free dose of Frontline (flea/tick preventative), pet first aid demo, spa treatments...
  16. wolftracks

    Is it just me? Have we lost a lot of members? Members posting differently?

    Up until just a few months ago you could ask questions and you'd get so many responses. Not you ask and there are hardly any views, let alone a single reply. I know for me, I used to check the recent posts constantly, but even though I almost always have that screen up, I have not really...
  17. wolftracks

    Is my hatch going to dry or too wet?

    I've got 2 zips and a pip out of 49 eggs. My zippers are starting to shrink wra inside, but I'm not sure if I need to add water or get a pad out from moisture to bring it down. I use ChooksChicks cheatsheet and it's help so much. I haven't used a hydrometer in a while and all of mine are not...
  18. wolftracks

    Thought my Pullet was going to Die! Ended up with a surprise!

    Yesterday and today I'm painting cages. Yesterday I was out and one of my pullets that just started laying was walking around checking out what I was doing. She seemed fine. After a little while, she walked away and I could see her vent was red and bloody looking and looked like her insides were...
  19. wolftracks

    Scale question

    I was wondering if I can use just a cheap kitchen scale to weigh eggs. I got a HUGE FBCM egg today and I want to see how much it weighs.
  20. wolftracks

    WTB Black Tail Buff Jap hens or pullets...near Calf Central Valley

    I put this add on there to look for a roo and my ullet gave out a strangled crow the next day. So I need to change my add. I need a couple of hens or pullets for my now boy. I have the rooster curse, so it was a goven if I was looking for a roo, I'd already have one.
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