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  1. aliciaplus3

    Acres Poultry hatching thread with aliciaplus3!

    Howdy folks! I have been having trouble keeping track of where I have posted and where I have not in response to hatch a longs, so I have decided to create a thread where I can (hopefully) keep a running dialog going about what is currently hatching. I have 4 (or 5?) incubators going for the...
  2. aliciaplus3

    Plucker chronicles with heritage birds

    I just started into my 3rd year hatching and decided that to compliment my hatching addiction I needed a plucker! After much hee and haw ing around I finally settled on the one with the biggest drum I could find, it promises to be able to handle "smaller" turkeys. this is is what arrived in the...
  3. aliciaplus3

    Is this maybe a wyandotte? And what color?

    I have this good looking cockrel i am not sure what he is? I love his wide tail and beefy shoulders. Just hoping someone can help me figure him out?
  4. aliciaplus3

    Alicia's growout addition

    We designed and built the original coop complex in 2017, when we put up 2 10x10 coops that are split in half inside to make 4 separate chicken areas with 350 to 400 sq foot fully enclosed outside runs each. 2018 we built a turkey and duck wing. Earlier this spring we added 2 10x10 chainlink...
  5. aliciaplus3

    Turkey Hatching Thread

    Anyone else out there hatching turkeys and looking for a place to post pics and hatching info?
  6. aliciaplus3

    Treebeard's offspring

    Tree beard happens to be the name of a Large white roo that was given to me over a year ago.... here he is with one of his Nn girlfriends fall of 17. We did a rough weight on him and at 14 pounds he weighs more than some of my turkeys! We hatched out a batch from him and his Nn girlfriends...
  7. aliciaplus3

    Help with custom lay blend

    I am currently looking into having my local feed store mix a custom blend chicken feed for me.... Right now I am looking at the following 535 pounds of wheat 200 pounds of purina acculine chicken premix 200 pounds of alfalfa pellets 50 pounds of oyster shell 15 pounds of limestone As close as...
  8. aliciaplus3

    Incubating at High Altitude

    Ok I am still a novice here, I got my first Incubator in November of 2016 as a birthday gift. Of course the first thing I did was plug it in, insert eggs and then come to this site and start reading, I read most threads that I could find that pertained to incubation. I watched, lurked and read...
  9. aliciaplus3

    Review of the 56 egg no brand incubator

    I decided on this incubator for the features it offers at a low price.... automatic egg turner, temperature and hydrogamer right on the front it even tracks the days. I also really like that it holds 56 eggs and has a built in candler. I was a little hesitant over the lack of reviews and the...
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