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  1. Newpeepmamas Chicken Coop

    Newpeepmamas Chicken Coop

    This is my first small coop i built for my 4 pullets...Peep, Wilma Shirley and Baby. This is their outside run...its not a large area but they are aloud to free range for a while every day.. Here's the framing for the coop..very
  2. newpeepmama

    What does your duck house look like?

    This is my duck pen..I made the little house out of an old pallet we had at work.. it started out as a chicken tractor but it seems to be working as a duck house..
  3. newpeepmama

    Construction of my 8'x8' Coop - In Progress...

    i really like your coop! i wish i would have made mine that size..mine is just 4x4...the double door was a great idea..You did a great job!
  4. newpeepmama

    •• ADD YOUR COOP TO BYC •• ( formerly the Coop Page Contest )

    Here's my coop..just right for my 4 girls
  5. newpeepmama

    Coop Design Contest - Win $20 BYC Gift Certificate •• ENDS 9/15

    Here's my Coop
  6. newpeepmama

    My New Coop!

    this coop and run is sitting inside my fenced in backyard..i hope its safe--what should i do to make it safer!?!
  7. newpeepmama

    My New Coop!

    This is the coop my husband and i built..i actually did everything but the roof! I am new to chickens..ive had my babies for a month now..4 sex link...and im in love with them! Its so peaceful to set out and watch them pick at the ground..I spent about $125 on my coop and run..wish i would...
  8. newpeepmama

    Southern Indiana Holla Back

    no..i never go to school events--my boys arent in school yet...i live right past the elementary school..i love it in this little town
  9. newpeepmama

    Southern Indiana Holla Back

    Im from Brownstown Indiana...just got some baby chicks today...I got a good start on our coop..and im loving all of it already
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