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  1. Jarhead

    TAKEN - Day old Muscovy Ducklings approx 25 Free

    These have been claimed. These guys hatched (and are still hatching) today under 2 broody Muscovy ladies. Currently there are 28 total with 3 more pipping - so if all goes well there will be a total of 31. We live in suburbia and the ducks are our backyard pets, so there are way too many for...
  2. Jarhead

    Hova Bator auto turner dimensions?

    I know the LG is 15 x 15 1/4. Anybody know about the Hova Bator? Thanks
  3. Jarhead

    Another housing question

    I got one of those light bulb moments when I was out in the garden this morning. Our garden it totally enclosed by hardware cloth with a door on it to prevent pesky wild birds and critters (not to mention our chickens) out of it. The garden itself consists of raised beds that are 30" off the...
  4. Jarhead

    will quial use ramps in cages?

    In a multi level enclosure will quail use a ramp to move from 1 level to another? I was thinking of a 3 level cage setup, but if they won't use it no reason to build it. Here is what I was thinking. Bottom level would be ground, top level would take over some nest boxes that my hens don't use...
  5. Jarhead

    Best quail for eggs to eat?

    Wondering if there is a difference in quail as far as which lays the best. Or is there a variety generally used to lay eggs to eat? I used to be able to get quail eggs at the store, but nobody carries them anymore. So I thought, why not add a few to the menagerie in the backyard. Any...
  6. Jarhead

    super humid here, no water in bator, but still too high

    OK it has been raining here just about everyday for a month. It is hot (the south) and humid. Inside the house we have AC but the humidity is still pretty high, like 60 to 70 depending on day/time. We are on day 3 for the eggs. In the bator there is no water source right now, but the...
  7. Jarhead

    Why not to blindly trust digital thermometers

    Thought you guys might like this, and maybe can use this to your advantage. Clockwise from top left, from a pet store, a weather unit from hardware store, and one from a electronics store. All the probes are next to each other in the exact same spot. In the morning I am going to go buy a...
  8. Jarhead

    German yellow pickled eggs

    INGREDIENTS * hard boiled eggs * 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder * 1 bay leaf * 1 teaspoon white sugar * 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric * 1 teaspoon salt * 2 cups apple cider vinegar * 1 teaspoon dried tarragon leaves * 1 clove garlic smashed * 1/2 onion...
  9. Jarhead

    guess the muscovy sex time

    Ok these 5 little one hatched about 5 weeks ago. I have 2 pics of each and we weighed them on our little kitchen scale. I could not believe it, they sat on the scales perfectly still. These are our first ducks, and just by what I have learned reading on here the boys grow bigger faster. So...
  10. Jarhead

    Muscovy hatching day *pics* update

    These are our first ducks. They have been under our broody cochin, who is watching them and gently mothering as the hatch. Out of 12 - 4 have hatched fully. 3 look like they have died before making it out. We are leaving them in there just in case. All 3 have a nice size hole and their...
  11. Jarhead

    What is normal time for Muscovies to get out of shell?

    I am used to chickens, seem like when they pip you have a bird in a couple of hours or so. These are our first ducks. They started pipping yesterday around 6 pm, right now they are still rocking and rolling around, with some more cracks in the shells. They seem active so I am not worried...
  12. Jarhead

    Pinioning anxiety - need pointers/encouragement

    OK, we have muscovies hatching in about a week. We live in town, and these will be backyard birds. We do not want nor can we have them fly. They need to stay put in the confines of our privacy fenced backyard. Pinioning seems the way to go, since I don't want the hassle of clipping wings. I...
  13. Jarhead

    Polish frizzle sexing *pics*

    I know in general with Polish, spiked unruly crest tends to be male, and rounded symmetrical tends to be female. Now when they are frizzle... any ideas of the best way to tell? Right now they are 4 weeks old and we have 8 and they are fairly well feathered. Any tips on sexing? Any guess on...
  14. Jarhead

    DIY feeder

    I had been thinking of a feeder design that my wife would like to have for a little while now. I cam up with this on the fly. I did not draw out any plans at all. I think it came out well. I built it yesterday afternoon with scrap wood I had and 2 sections of plexi I got for $3 each at Home...
  15. Jarhead

    muscovies and chickens in one coop???

    Basic question - will/can the ducks use the same coop as the chickens. The coop has plenty of room in it, and our birds free range from sun up to sun down. I know muscovies like to roost high, the coop has nice high roofs. We are going to "ground" the muscovies by clipping wings. I figure...
  16. Jarhead

    LF cohcin broody = lots of coverage :)

    Man can she cover bunches of eggs. First I want to say, this is our 3rd broody this year - which we are completely fine with. The other 2 were a silkie and an Australorp. They made fine broodies. The Australorp set on 12 chicken eggs (I think it was the max she could have) and hatched 8...
  17. Jarhead

    Polish frizzle blue bantams hatching!

    What a hatch! They are super cute. I set a dozen eggs under our first time broody silkie exactly 20 days ago. I got the eggs through the mail from a breeder. I candled on day 10 and 100% had shown nice development. We were super happy about that. As of 5 minutes ago 8 had hatched, the 4...
  18. Jarhead

    baby blue jay care instructions

    I need some info for caring for a baby blue jay chick. The nest fell from a tree in last nights storm. 2 chicks were inside, 1 is dead, 1 is strong and alive. The one that died was less developed than the one that is alive, so I am not surprised it died. The living one is partially...
  19. Jarhead

    Mystery Chick ID time again! :)

    Any ideas on this little one??? Wing tips are just coming in and look buff, comb looks straight. Source of chick was TSC, it is the only one I got I can't ID. Cute mutt or something else?
  20. Jarhead

    Splash Bantam Cochins Sex Linked???

    I know this sounds weird, but my wife tried the pendulum sexing thing on some eggs we were hatching. I know it is in no way scientific, but she thinks she has the touch since her grandmother is some kind of witch and never gets it wrong with a pendulum - just kidding her grandmother is just a...
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