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  1. PheasantsFirst

    Limping silver pheasant

    Today I noticed my male silver pheasant was limping. He stands on one foot and holds the other on up and curled up. When he walks he really favors this foot and only slightly opens it. It is kinda like he is walking on his fist. Other than this he doesn't seem to have any other injuries and...
  2. PheasantsFirst

    Safe-guard wormer dosage?

    I am getting ready to worm my pheasants after wazine 17 a while ago. I have liquid safe-guard goat dewormer at 10%. What would the dosage be for the pheasants? I saw one that was 2 1/4 to 3 ml/gallon for three days. Is that reasonable? Thanks for any help or advice you can give.
  3. PheasantsFirst

    Safe-guard dosage?

    I'm almost ready to give my birds their second wormer after wazine 17 a while ago and I have safe guard liquid goat dewormer to use, 10%. What is a good dosage, I assume in water, and how long do I leave it out for? In a little research I found a dosage of 2 1/4 to 3 ml/gallon for 3 days. Is...
  4. PheasantsFirst

    Ad poping up, covering posts and no apparent way to close it.

    Using Mobile on Chrome in android. This ad popped up, it has no apparent way to close it abs covers the post. It also doesn't move with scrolling.
  5. PheasantsFirst

    Weird massage in subscriptions on mobile

    I gotten this message twice while looking at my subscriptions in mobile on my android phone (if that helps) any ideas what it is?
  6. PheasantsFirst

    After wazine, how soon do I treat with different wormer.

    I just treated my birds with wazine. In a little research I found that after a while I should treat with a different wormer that will kill larve. So how soon should I use this and any suggestions?
  7. PheasantsFirst

    Worming while in the 90's? And Worming a broody hen?

    Hopefully this is in the right forum. I need to worm my chickens in the near future. It's been in the 90's recently and will slowly cool down into next week. They're barely laying right now so I think it would be a good time to do I don't have to through away as many eggs. This heat would also...
  8. PheasantsFirst

    Good time to worm?

    My pheasants are or have just begun to molt, is now a good time to worm them, all I have to do it with its wazine 17 but it's got here so they should drink plenty in 24 hours. Is now a good time to worm them?
  9. PheasantsFirst

    Silkie cross genetics?

    I have two silkie d'uccle cross chicks and I heard there may be an easy way to sex them based on skin color and skin color of mother and father. Is this true, and if so what are the relationships? For my peticular case, the father is a white silkie, and the mother was a poceilan d'uccle. I...
  10. PheasantsFirst

    Silkie D'uccle cross, any ideas yet?

    They hatched 5/18 so they are a little over a month old. I think they may still be too young to tell, but you never now. Chick one Chick 2
  11. PheasantsFirst

    Dominique rooster? Suspicious tail....

    They hatched in mid April, I think, and are supposed to be around 90% hens. I noticed today that the chicken with the red arrows pointing at him is getting some more curved tail feathers then the others. Think he's a rooster? Sorry that the pics aren't the best, you will probably want to zoom in.
  12. PheasantsFirst

    Nest box capacity

    I recently rebuild part of my coop and went down to two nest boxes, all then hens(8, not frequent layers) used. I set these up one above the other, but the hens prefer the bottom box. I put a small board in for a ramp to encourage them to use the top box. At how many eggs in each box should I...
  13. PheasantsFirst

    Hatching wormed pheasant eggs?

    Next weekend I'll have to worm my pheasant with wazine again. I know my silvers could lay anytime(though last year they only laid a few eggs late in the year) and how long should I wait to collect the eggs for hatching? I know the normal withdrawal period is around two weeks.
  14. PheasantsFirst

    Commenting on pics covered

    I am usually on byc mobile on an iPad. When viewing pics I can't give them ovation, but I can see the bottom of where it should be. Edit: Ignore the ovation part, it appears that I can't give it. But the x is covered, or the pic number on the bottom is cut off, like when I viewed this.
  15. PheasantsFirst

    Worms in poop

    While I was feeding my birds today and was leaving the lady Amherst pen I saw my male poop a very stinky yellow poop. From a distance it looked like it was moving. After looking I saw a dozen 1/2 inch long worms wiggling. What are these and how should I treat them?
  16. PheasantsFirst

    Nest box idea

    This spring I may be building a new coop. And for a while I have been thinking about various ideas to include, many versions I've seen on this forum and wanted future coop builders to also see :). I got to thinking about the nest boxed. Right now I have a external one that is at ground level...
  17. PheasantsFirst

    Chickens may have coccidiosis, should treat pheasants too?

    We just had a (chicken) hen die of what we think is coccidiosis, if this medicine is safe for chickens I'll treat them tomorrow, and am wondering if it is safe and if i should treat my pheasant. This it the medicine.
  18. PheasantsFirst

    Is this coccidiosis medicine safe for chickens?

    We just had a chicken die of what we believe to be coccidiosis. Will this medicine work/be safe for chickens?
  19. PheasantsFirst

    Not moving, not eating hen

    A few days ago I noticed that one of my hens looked sick. Today I found her laying in the house not moving or trying to get away when I picked her up. I brought her into the barn nod put her on some hy bales. Tried giving her some scratch but she didn't take it. Then I tried some regular...
  20. PheasantsFirst

    What are some sings that your coop is too humid/cold?

    Hopefully I posted this in the right forum. This fall I patched some holes on my coop because last winter the chickens didn't seem to be handling the cold well, and there were some very large holes. The coop is 4'x4' and has 12 chickens and a duck in it. The bird spend the day in our...
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