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  1. OwlLover

    OwlLover's Nuthouse

    This is where only the craziest of the insane go. Be careful. We're all here to have fun, chat, and BE CRAZY.
  2. OwlLover

    The Cabinet of Owlkins

    The celebrity Owlkins and her fans Stalkers- ScriptkiddieJR, SilkiesForEver, chickenboy100, chickenboy190 Groupies- MsChickenMomma, NinjaRooster, chicken boy13, iluvorpingtons, ClucksAndPeeps, ilovemysilkie, ChicknsRock Disciples- Serama Gal14, Chickenfan4life, Chic CAN, bluedragonfire, miss heny
  3. OwlLover

    My goodbye

    I'm leaving BYC. I'll miss you all very much. Bye.
  4. OwlLover

    The Chronicles of Quilin

    Vol. I The lovely polish pullet tree that throws dandelions out of windows! It's so nice that the first grader gave me it. Oh what a spot on a birdie that's on a raincloud! Perhaps he is vomiting. The world may never know. It's having a bad paint brush. BAD PAINT BRUSH!!! BAD!!! Alalalalala...
  5. OwlLover

    A Quilin Funeral

    Today is a very sad day in the realm of Owlkins. Today, two perfect orange push-up sherbets were discovered. They were so sweet, and they were a pleasure. But Owlkins had to eat them to save them from melting, and they passed on. They will forever be remembered. R.I.P.
  6. OwlLover

    Realm of the Quilin

    Hello and welcome to hell- I mean the realm of the Quilin Please make sure to leave all sanity at the entrance; failure to do so may result in permanent damage to said sanity. This is a place for the minions of Owlkins Purple Dust Bunnies to rest after battling with the Orange Utensils.
  7. OwlLover

    ~Run With The Pack~ A Wolf Roleplay

    The silvery wolf stumbles through the forest. Blood stains the ground underneath him. He is alone and defeated; he has challenged a proud alpha for a role that was not his to play. His eyes glint, ambitious and cunning. The sky is splattered with the color of his wounds by the setting sun. "I'll...
  8. OwlLover

    Run With The Pack/Under The Moon OOC Chat Thread

    This is where all of the RPers of the wolf roleplays Run With The Pack and Under The Moon can chat and such. Here, we can discuss plots and ideas for our charries, as well as just chat about random stuff. nothing serious. Members: OwlLover Iluvorpingtons Wildriverswolf90 SilkiesForEver...
  9. OwlLover

    The Great RWTP Restart Debate

    I made this so that we can all determine what the fate of RWTP will be. I've come up with two different ideas to choose from: Idea #1: RWTP will be merged with Under The Moon (UTM). The territories of the two different RPs will be far, far away from one another, and the packs from one group of...
  10. OwlLover

    The Quilin's Attack

    attack peoples and chat
  11. OwlLover

    ~Under The Moon~ A Wolf Roleplay

    Deep in the forests and mountains of the taiga, far away from humans, a vast expanse of land is the home to four packs of wolves: Mountainpack, Tundrapack, Valleypack, and Sprucepack. It is a different world here entirely, and survival of the fittest is the law of the land. Every pack is in it...
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  13. OwlLover

    Shapeshifters of Silvanous ~ RP

    A race of aliens known as the Silvanous are trying to take over planet Earth, and only a small group of teenagers can stop it. Become one of those teens, and stop the alien invasion with a force to be reckoned with - animals. Plot: The Silvanous were once our allies, but they have been...
  14. OwlLover

    Horizon's End: A Wolf Story based on RWTP

    Hello! This story is based off of the roleplay RWTP. As you may know, I stopped (or, better put, took a break from) Wolf Story to plot. I've come up with some great plot ideas, and I can promise that this re-written version will be epic and much more intense. Now, much like the last one, there...
  15. OwlLover

    Shut off ads

    A friend of mine on here gifted me a GFM a few days ago. Now, I'm on a mobile device, and I still see a crazy amount of ads. Do I need to go somewhere to shut them off? Thanks.
  16. OwlLover

    The Battle of the Empires OOC Chat Thread

    This is where all of the RPers on The Battle of the Empires RP can chat and such. We can discuss plots, ideas, and other stuff here, as well as just chat. Just don't RP on this particular thread, of course, since it is for OOC purposes. Feel free to chat here if you don't RP on Empires, too...
  17. OwlLover

    Apocalypse of the Quilins

    We are setting the next, and FINAL phase of our plan into motion. Better run, Cluckins! You think you can just sit back and expect us to not do anything? HAH! That just shows how naive you are. YOU aren't the target. I AM. Is commander heny online?
  18. OwlLover

    The Quilin's Reign

    Level 1 - Normal Level 2 - Battle of the Empires Level 3 - TBP Fan Level 4 - Quilin Having a Tantrum 4.5 - COY Level 5 - Run With The Pack Level 6 - The Band Perry Fan Club Level 7 - Ice Cream Song Level 8 - The Council of Quilins & Cluckins Level 9 - Council of Owlkins Level 10 - Quilin...
  19. OwlLover

    The Dawn of the Quilins: How the War Began

    (Note: This is actually a true story.) For everyone that doesn't understand the Quilin-Cluckins War. Every word is completely, truthfully honest. Table of Contents The Battle of the Empires Roleplay The dawn of Purple Dust Bunnies The dawn of the Quilins The birth of the Quilin Having a...
  20. OwlLover

    The Council of Owlkins

    This isn't a chat thread like the Council of Quilins. This is a sign up thread for the Quilin Army. If you wish to join, PM me the answers to the test below, and I will see if you qualify. Be watchful, and think each answer through before sending. We are in a war. What is the name of my...
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