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  1. mzhof

    Can chicks get cocci in brand new coop and never been outside?

    My husband built our brooder from brand new wood. Currently have 3 sections with 4 week olds in one, 3 week olds in one and 2 week olds in the baby side. Five of the older 4-week olds are d'Uccle I got from MPC as day olds, the rest I've hatched from various different breeders on eBay and...
  2. mzhof

    Glass Brooder Castle

    My dear husband built me this glass front brooder for my baby chicks. I love it and so do the chicks. There's going to be 3 separations but right now I just have 2. The larger side has 2 week olds to 4 week olds and the small baby side has a 2 day old and my little 1 week bantam so they're...
  3. mzhof

    Not quite spraddle leg but chick can't stand

    This chick is about 36 hours old and from the beginning has never stood up straight. I don't think it is exactly straddle leg as the legs don't splay out to the sides he just won't stand. He pipped on day 22 and was shrink wrapped so had to be helped out, never had a slippery surface to walk on...
  4. mzhof

    3 Fun and Funky Eggs from MPC

    I hatched 3 chicks from a Fun and Funky egg pack from MPC. One is a bantam and looks like she'll have gorgeous coloring. The other 2 were large, green/blue eggs so I'm wondering what breed they all are. I've gotten day-old chicks before of different breeds but these 3 don't look anything like...
  5. mzhof

    Ask for Ebay refund?

    I bought some Polish Bantam eggs on Ebay to be delivered between August 8th-11th expecting them to be collected and fresh when shipped to me. The day after I pay I get a shipping confirmation that the eggs have shipped so I sent the seller an email telling him I purposely bought eggs to come at...
  6. mzhof

    Bully Easter Egger

    So my 12 girls are 5-6 weeks now and raised together since week one. Yesterday I noticed Ava the Easter Egger was bullying JoJo my speckled Sussex. They're the same size, JoJo has always been one of the friendliest chicks so is one of my favorites. Ava has pecked at her neck and purposely...
  7. mzhof

    Baby silkie help

    I came home from work and one of my baby silkies is almost dead. Still chirped when I took him out of the brooder. Temp was 95, it's just 7 days after I got him and 2 others. Started feeding him electrolyte water now he's not making a sound. How much should I give him? Will he drown if I try more?
  8. mzhof

    All so very different

    How to tell if chicks will grow up to become less skittish, more talkative, more assertive etc? Right now mine are between 2-3 weeks old and they're all so very different. Definitely a few chasing while others fled but one or two are already favorites. Some of my curious babies attached.
  9. mzhof

    Started with 2, up to 12 within a week!

    Hi, I live in MN. 2 weeks ago I bought 2 Blue Laced Red Wyandottes named Darla and Bessie and within the week ordered 8 little ones from My Pet Chicken (decided to do a variety so now have 9 different kinds named Olive, Mara, Maisie, Lexie, April, June, Jo Jo, and Ruby). We already have 3 dogs...
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