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  1. Barred Rocks forever

    chick with messed up legs !!!!!!

    hello this may be a emergency i have heard if its not fixed soon it can get bad the chick hatched and it is all dryed up now not wet and its walking on its elbows not its feet please help ! thank you
  2. Barred Rocks forever

    interesting article

    saw a nice article i believe this is in the right section
  3. Barred Rocks forever

    neapolitan mastiff

    anyone know a thing or two about them ? not to interested in getting one right now but can always dream lol
  4. Barred Rocks forever

    3 weeks to old to capon ?

    i have a couple of roos that are 3 weeks old is that to old to capon you think i know most do it at 1 or 2
  5. Barred Rocks forever

    toulouse geese questions/general geese questions

    hello now that i have space i would like to get a breeding pair of geese i would really like exhibition stock toulouse geese the first goos i ever really met was at the susquehanna poultry show and it let me rub its belly the others hissed at me but this one just wanted me to pet it i hear they...
  6. Barred Rocks forever

    post pictures of your old black and white picutres of poultry

    after looking at those cool black and white pictures in the heritage chicken thread i thought it be cool to have a place where people could post more pictures like that post away they dont have to be yours
  7. Barred Rocks forever

    is it honestly worth it ? corgi help

    i want to adopt another corgi from a rescue but the rescue doesnt accept people with invisible radio fences wich i have my corgi i have does fine with it is it worth trying to ask them to make a acception?
  8. Barred Rocks forever

    oppinions on cochins and marans

    yes the black roo has squirrel tail
  9. Barred Rocks forever

    sumatras laying

    are sumatras good layers i know gamefowl are good at free rangeign thats why i ask
  10. Barred Rocks forever

    World's Rarest Dog Breed Found In Illegal Pennsylvania Kennel

    this is so sad i hope they can find homes and zoos for these dogs
  11. Barred Rocks forever

    anyone here own riding mules/donkeys

    gurooh reminded me of how ive always wanted a big riding mule or donkey so i figure i might as well post this if this thread gets popular it will turn into the offical byc donkey and mule thread so post pics and info
  12. Barred Rocks forever

    the chicken whisperer on junglefowl

    did anyone here the CW talk about junglefowl ?
  13. Barred Rocks forever

    rabbit stalker

    every time ive had broodys this has happened i have a seperate coop for my broodys where they have a little run but most of the time they free range any way every time ive had a broody whos had babys running around ive always had rabbits stalking them some get very close to the broody almost...
  14. Barred Rocks forever

    barnacle geese for sale

    saw this on CL figure someone here might be interested
  15. Barred Rocks forever

    month old cant fully open eye

    hi i have a maran who seems to be having trouble with the eye lid not the eye nessicarily should i be worried thanks
  16. Barred Rocks forever

    the young agricultural entrepenure disscusion thread for young future

    hi guys my name is marshall i figure we could all talkabout are future plans in the field of agriculture ( this does include breeding of house pets) wen i get older i plan on breeding birds for show quality and all have birds for egg and meat production possibly also breed french guinea fowl for...
  17. Barred Rocks forever

    broody question

    hi my cochin went broody today i have maran eggs in the bator that have 5 days till they hatch can i just slip those eggs under the cochin thanks !
  18. Barred Rocks forever

    feed store chicken stocks

    im wondering how u guys get these arranged beacuse i would love to do ones of these someday
  19. Barred Rocks forever


    ive been searching for my friend central on byc we use to talk all the time on byc chat but i hvent seen hm since the new byc chat came if anyone has seen him plz tell me. i miss my bro
  20. Barred Rocks forever

    chick shed

    i saw this cl add this person had all these brooders in a shed with heat and it look really nice anyone have sheds they use to keep chicks in ?
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