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  1. hdowden

    Breed: start to finish pics

    Looking for chick to at least 8 month old progression pics of any and all breeds/varieties to use on the following article: I know there is a penned post for the same thing but it appears to have died and did not get that far...
  2. hdowden

    Looking for pics for article

    I have a sexing article that I did a few years back that I am looking to add to in the next few days. It has been quite some time and some of the pics have been lost on the article so all pics and descriptions with the pics are welcome. I am looking for crested breeds, comparison pics of hens...
  3. hdowden

    in need of pics

    i am looking to add some info to my sexing article and am looking fo pics of laced birds such as wyandottes and polish along with solid colored birds such as buff and reds. also would like some nice clear comb shots of ee to show the difference in combs such as 3 rows of peas vs the single row...
  4. hdowden

    bantam marans

    i am lookign to add some to my flock later this year does anyone have any that lay nice dark eggs.
  5. hdowden

    what is neeeded to ship eggs? were can i find the links and the in state shipping rules/laws?

    not sure were to post this but title says it all admin can move to proper place if need be
  6. hdowden


    how do you stabilize birchen? i have a mixed hen that i want to work with but not sure what i should out over her. she has several different colors in her most are recessive as well. colors include: white silkie, mille d'uccle, and self blue d'uccle. i wasn't even trying to get this color but i...
  7. hdowden

    that feeling

    you gt when you had planned on getting some eggs shipped but something happens that throws your plans off (ex car needing new tires ect)
  8. hdowden

    creole genetics

    what are the genetics behind this coloring? i had a "creole" nn that i was going to work with in producing more creole and bettering the coloring on but he was recently taken by either a coon or opossum (still trying to catch the thing 10/10/13). i was not able to gt babies from him so i am...
  9. hdowden

    Show ideas??

    ok it has been a really long time and i have not hosted any shows since last year (i think thats how long its been). i would like to know what everyone would like to see as far as a show would go you may vote for more than one show. please do keep in mind the side notes on a couple the poll...
  10. hdowden

    creating a new "breed"

    ok i have a project on mind a toughy and would like some thoughts on which route(s) i should go. i am looking at creating a bantam breed that is mille Fleur color/pattern, has black skin, has a crest, feathered legs, a beard and lays blue/green (prefer blue). as for comb that's still up in the...
  11. hdowden

    breed and gender guesses

    ok so i got this turkey and it was hatched from Royal palm eggs. the seller thinks it maybe mixed or it cold be pure they weren't sure and they also think its a hen.
  12. hdowden

    creole thoughts please

    ok so i got a NN creole bantam cock that i am putting over a game type creole hen. really hoping to some what improve on the cocks coloring if that is possible with this pairing. what do you all think? i have not worked with the creole gene before but i do have creole birds that i got. the...
  13. hdowden

    cornish thread

    is there a Cornish thread?
  14. hdowden

    Louisana poultry fanciers web page there are not many members but could be a great source if anyone wants to join :) we here in Louisiana would love to have more breeders and owners to come join the site :) (I am not the creator but a member)
  15. hdowden

    these do not appear to be what they should be...serama

    last time I checked they only had single combs...these look mixed to me
  16. hdowden

    serama: these are mixed correct

    last time I checked they only had single combs...these look mixed to me
  17. hdowden

    what color cochin

    i thought a silver penciled but having 2nd thoughts...
  18. hdowden

    ee's correct

    these are easter eggers correct? they insist they are not but have all the tell tell signs of EE's :
  19. hdowden

    color genetics question

    .what do you think he has in him as far as genes go and what color should i put with him, i want the barring you see on some of those tail feathers...his feathers are really white i just give him corn every other day along with laying pellets, cut grass, and other items that are healthy for...
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