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  1. zazouse

    Need advice from someone with experience with guinea fowl

    I have been raising GF sense 2007 and have not once had a problem with any keets i have hatched and raised here, back in march i decided to order more colors to add to my flocks, my keets were shipped out and i was not informed of this , they also did not put hold for pickup on the box nor my...
  2. zazouse

    Merry Christmas

  3. zazouse

    Happy Halloween

  4. zazouse

    Blackhead doses help

    can someone tell me what the oral dosage would be to treat an approximately 6 month old peacock for black head? i am trying to get the info and some fishzole to them and not sure how much to tell him to use, i have the 250 MG packs , need to know how many dose each package will make it is a...
  5. zazouse

    Wing bands

    Does anyone here put wing bands on their chicks? I have some questions.
  6. zazouse

    What does this mean?

    Every time i come on to BYC the last few day this box pops up in the left hand corner why is it asking me this and what does it mean if i allow or block? Thank you
  7. zazouse

    Strange eggs, a possible early detection for...

    about 5 days ago went into the barn and to candle some eggs i set on the 24 of last month, saw something rather strange in 2 of them, when i turned them in the light i could see liquid moving above the air cell but the veining was visibly red, i decide to go ahead and break one open and just see...
  8. zazouse

    Attention everyone

    One of our fellow pea friends has tied the knot Congratulations KSKingbee and his Beautiful wife
  9. zazouse


    OMG i am laughing so hard over here, decided to put a sign at the end of the driveway that said eggs nothing else just eggs, a man is suppose to be here at 6pm o pick up his order, i had just got the ATV in the yard when a truck pulled up and i thought HUM he is early, i asked him if he was here...
  10. zazouse

    Muscovy duckling mystery pattern

    I have had the same flock/bloodline of Muscovy ducks sense 2007 and this year i am getting some surprise patterns from some hens i kept back from last years hatch. My ducks have always produced white and black and white bird but this year i have had a new patter emerge, they are born the normal...
  11. zazouse

    Buyers and shipers need to read this

    Link: Artical SALT LAKE CITY — The acting state veterinarian is warning backyard bird owners — including those who raise urban chickens — to be on the alert for a highly deadly bird...
  12. zazouse

    2015 breeding season

    Well it is that time of year and the peacocks here are just a calling tonight and humps are showing up along with a few chases so i figured it is time to start the 2015 season. anyone got them boys hollering tonight?
  13. zazouse

    This is why peafowl do not belong in neighbor hoods

    Weather they are doing all the damage these folks say there are only 15 but this is what happens when something messes up folks nice things IMO peafowl belong in the country where there are country sounds and country ways...
  14. zazouse

    posing troubles

    anyone having trouble like this this morning? it pops up and won't let me back on BYC , took 5 tries to get back here' This is what i see, if i am MIA this is the reason why. Error 503 All backends failed or unhealthy All backends failed or unhealthy Guru Mediation: Details...
  15. zazouse

    Nominating someone for an award

    How come when we try over and over to nominate someone that had been such a great help , they do not get recognized? do you count votes or something else, it only take a glance at their post to see how helpful they always are and have been for a couple years now yet they get passed over for a...
  16. zazouse

    Cats and cats and more cats.. there are cats everywhere and the peas are letting me know it

    I am so frustrated One of my distant neighbors passed away almost a year ago and yesterday i found out this the lat 3 that still lived there moved back to town back in August, i did not know they had moved till my DH told me he had not seen any cars there in a while when he passed by on his...
  17. zazouse

    Ya'll need to check this out if you like Opal white eyed peas I know some folks do not have facebook but you do not need it to purchase the tickets,the info is on the flyer i posted isn't he a beauty
  18. zazouse

    This forum rules

    I wanted to thank all of you that participate and try to help each other in this forum, i had an incident yesterday evening with baby(not pea-chick) and i submitted a question on the forum and asked for some thoughts and perhaps advice, even though over 60 folks viewed the question within 12...
  19. zazouse

    Help with a gosling

    I have about a month old Chinese gosling hatched and raised with it's parents , about an hour ago i heard the parents honking in distress but when i went to look where they were i figured they were just fussing at a turtle or something so i went about my business, when i got off my tractor i...
  20. zazouse

    Worming and fertility

    In mid June i wormed all my birds with safeguard and treated them externally with ivermec and i am reporting that pea eggs are still fertile as are my guinea and chicken eggs I also have eggs developing under hens since the worming so i will be keeping my birds on the 2 to 3 month worming...
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