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  1. Balloonjuice

    My girls just got some new digs

    You all know chicken math. What started as a few birds ended up turning into a flock, which multiplied to where now I have chickens in the coop, the brooder, and the incubator.... Anyway, there wasn't room for all of them because the original run got scratched bare, so we added another 2000...
  2. Balloonjuice

    What candler do you use?

    My Farm Innovations 4250 'bator came with a model 3300 candler. It may work great for white eggs (I don't have any), but it doesn't do much at all for brown eggs. My question is for dark shell incubators - what candler do you use? Would you use a different one based on research you've done? TIA
  3. Balloonjuice

    Large open sore

    I have some 17 day old black stars. They've been doing fine, but I moved them out of the brooder yesterday and today for a bit of exercise. One out of 27 has a giant sore on the back of her neck and the other chicks peck at it. I should add that it developed in just a couple of hours. Was it...
  4. Balloonjuice

    The Great Escape

    I opened the brooder to change out the water for my 2 week olds this AM and they all headed right for my head yelling "Chicken Run!!" I got them all back in but one, who was rather like Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape." She kept running back and forth along the wall like McQueen did on the...
  5. Balloonjuice

    Strange sounds

    This may or may not be the right place to post this -- I don't know how serious it is. To start off - we're having a heat wave. It got to 110º F on my front porch today. The girls are really thirsty and I've been keep plenty of fresh water out for them. But today one of my 34 week old roos...
  6. Balloonjuice

    Teaching the girls to use a nesting box

    My youngest chickens are 24 weeks old. They should be laying this time of year. But I was only getting a couple of eggs a day. So it occurred to me that they were laying in the woods -- we let them free range -- but I wasn't going to hike through 30 acres of underbrush looking for hen's eggs...
  7. Balloonjuice

    Secondary characteristics?

    I received a shipment a month ago today (arrived 12/3/14) of straight run RIRs. By now they are all sporting most of their feathers. But they are still peeping. It seems that there are some characteristics that go together. One Type: larger (proto) comb, shorter tail feathers, more aggressive...
  8. Balloonjuice

    Not sure exactly which forum to use. I'm putting it here. Will move if there is a better spot for it. We just got a fairly young dog. She is a Lab / American Bulldog mix. So far she has been "pretty good" around the chickens. My son and I have started out walking her past the chickens while she is on a leash. Today for the...
  9. Balloonjuice

    Question about egg size

    My chickens have been laying for a little over a month now -- they actually started a little earlier than I expected them to. The breed is called "Red Star," but I think they are also called Red Sex Links. They have laid a few "medium" size eggs, but almost all the eggs have been small. I'm...
  10. Balloonjuice


    My whole flock (24 individuals) do some clucking, and of course the almost daily "An Egg! look look look," but they also seem to spend a lot of their time just wandering about making a sound I can only best describe as "moaning" or "groaning." They do not sound distressed at all, but it is an...
  11. Balloonjuice


    My whole flock (24 individuals) do some clucking, and of course the almost daily "An Egg! look look look," but they also seem to spend a lot of their time just wandering about making a sound I can only best describe as "moaning" or "groaning." They do not sound distressed at all, but it is an...
  12. Balloonjuice

    A strange case

    My 24 Red Stars free range. So, to discourage them from laying eggs all over my property (about 30 acres, mostly wooded), I placed one ceramic egg in each nesting box. I have eight nesting boxes, so eight ceramic eggs. I went out to the hen house this morning and one of the ceramic eggs is...
  13. Balloonjuice

    My Red Stars just started laying

    I have 24 Red Stars (red sex links) that arrived as day-old chicks on Feb 18th of this year. I've moved them from the brooder to the hen house a couple of months ago and for the last month or so I've been letting them free range. They don't go too far, but we have a heavily wooded property, so...
  14. Balloonjuice

    My son helping put up a chicken run

    Here is my 40 yo son Matt clipping some welded wire fence to t posts. And this is me leaning on my post-hole digger (while simultaneously taking a 'selfie').
  15. Balloonjuice

    Nine Months Later

    That is, nine months after joining BYC. I still don't know much but I know a whole lot more than I did. I've read the material on the website here to great advantage, I've read several other articles and blogs online and I've read and made extensive notations in Raising Chickens For Dummies...
  16. Balloonjuice

    I just suspended

    ... a 30 lb. metal feeder in the coop. The girls seemed unable to find the food even though it is about eye level to them. They turned six weeks yesterday. Should I continue to feed them on the ground for awhile? They are fouling a lot of feed by scratching into it.
  17. Balloonjuice

    Today I moved my girls

    24 chicks (5 1/2 weeks old) from brooder to hen house (i.e. coop). Here are some pix.
  18. Balloonjuice

    Building an "automated waterer"

    After reading in another section of the BYC forum about people who were using both vertical and horizontal nipples, and after seeing on the interweb that there are both push-in and screw-in nipples, I started looking around. Now I'm not the laziest guy in the world, but I would love to be him...
  19. Balloonjuice

    My chicken story updated

    We bought a place that had not been used for about 25 years (seriously, the brooder room had a calendar on the wall from 1989). The buildings (coop and support building) were structurally sound, so I started cleaning up 25 year old chicken droppings in fall of 2013 to begin a chicken ranch on...
  20. Balloonjuice

    When should I expect tail feathers?

    My red stars (red sex links) were hatched two weeks ago today. They all already have some decent looking wing feathers, but I haven't seen any tail feathers yet. Does someone with this breed know when I should expect them? Just curious
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