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  1. TCFarm

    Canadians check in here....

    Well, we had 'spring' for a day...we call a day or so that in dear old Ontario. Another lovely day here today; but tomorrow will like bring either:hot stinkin' summer heat (with bugs and all that malarky), OR another 'polar vortex' just don't dear Ontario?! What I DO know...
  2. TCFarm

    Review by 'TCFarm' in article 'Introduction to Raising Turkeys'

    Great Article! Thanks! I too have had turkeys for just 3 em to pieces! :), ate some and loved them that way too! ;) I have let my hens raise some poults this spring (no 'me' intervention)....I will update on how this goes. But just lets say: so far it's been a crazy trip and lost...
  3. TCFarm

    Review by 'TCFarm' in article 'Getting Started In Raising And Keeping Quail'

    Excellent article! Covered all the basics and then lots more information! Concise and easy to understand. I am starting out with quail and it has been a great reference. I will post as things progress. Great job; and Thanks!!
  4. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'Coturnix Quail 1'

    Beautiful job on both pen and brooder. Thanks for including construction details!
  5. TCFarm

    Canadians check in here....

    This thread seems to have kinda 'faded out'... We're like this...Canadians!!! We must not let our Heritage Breeds fade as well! Please respond and tell us all: Where you live and love, What you love , how you do it , pictures would be amazing, but not necessary.
  6. TCFarm

    Canadians check in here....

    I too am waiting for other responses. Here is my experience: I sell to friends, trade to other friends and give eggs to family and people who need them. Whatever works in the moment. Be aware that whatever you choose as a price for your is NOT enough. They are lovingly...
  7. TCFarm

    Canadians check in here....

    Here in Everett Ontario. Lovin' the spring weather...anyone else on here from nearby??
  8. TCFarm

    Protecting a wood floor?

    No, TwoShepherds. I plan to move some in once I have it all finished...just had it delivered last Thursday, and it hasn't dried up and been warm enough yet for step 1 (clear coat wood treatment). My current flock are living in an old tool shed/pigeon coop that my husband built 20 years ago...
  9. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'Chicken Nipples Anyone'

    Awesome! Thanks...been meaning to make an automatic waterer for my gals. This fits the bill, and is easy for a 'non-chicken lover' to do from the exterior of the run.
  10. TCFarm

    Protecting a wood floor?

    That price is not outrageous at all. I'm in Canada and just almost twice that, for a Mennonite made coop! I added in delivery and insulation and another window. So, given the exchange between our dollars; roughly the same or more. I am usually a make do with old stuff, recycle kinda gal; but...
  11. TCFarm

    Protecting a wood floor?

    Your coops looks amazing! I just had a very similar one (Mennonites made it) delivered Thursday. I was initially going to prime it and paint the walls and floor, but I had them insulate it and the wood they used inside is so lovely, that I have decided to use a clear-coat water sealant...
  12. TCFarm

    egg eating

    The only time I have had this was introduction of new gals from another part of my farm and my older gals set them straight that time. When I was away this winter for 10 days; my farm sitters said it happened a few times. I would imagine it was related to frozen eggs leaking and seeming...
  13. TCFarm

    Taming a Rooster?

    I have had a similar issue. A fav Roo was headed for soup unless he stopped attacking my knees with his spurs! I read an awesome article on this forum, written by a young chicken farmer. I did what she says and I still have the guy! (He's not in the breeding flock any longer but he's a great...
  14. TCFarm

    Taming a Rooster?

  15. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens'

    Great article. Thanks! I didn't know about the ACV for chicks! I use it abouT two days each week for my adult birds, as it helps absorb calcium and helps the gut flora too! Great stuff. :celebrate Kathy
  16. TCFarm

    Hoping to get more of these little sweeties this spring! (this was my 2016 hatch) :)

    Hoping to get more of these little sweeties this spring! (this was my 2016 hatch) :)
  17. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'A basic Q&A Turkey Primer'

    Great article. Thanks! Only problem is that now I am SURE I will get too attached to eat 'em!
  18. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'Turkey Incubation and Hatching Guide'

    Thinking about trying some Turkeys, so thanks a million for the great article!
  19. TCFarm

    Comment by 'TCFarm' in article 'An Experiment in Chick Sexing Methods'

    Very interesting! You inspire me to try a couple of these, but I too have found that the best is the comb development. I raise Chanteclers, however; so combs are not 'our thing'. I often have to wait until between three and four weeks to tell. Thanks for a great article!
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