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  1. Snowingamanda

    Bloody stools won’t go away

    Hi, I have recently lost a polish to bloody stools despite Corid and Sulfa treatment, although I caught the sickness too late. Now I have another Polish that has bloody stools. I have been treating him with Corid and Sulfa for a few weeks now without any improvement. He contributes to have blood...
  2. Snowingamanda

    Please help to tube feed my chick

    Hi, My Golden laced Polish is dying. The main reason I believe were lice infestation that is no longer a problem. She may have other problems/infections and I’ve tried different meds but right now she is critical. The vet advised palliative care only, but I want to try fluids subcatenously and...
  3. Snowingamanda

    Is it a blue Andalusian or a California gray rooster?

    Hi, I have this rooster, about 2 months old. I got him from a bin with blue andalusians but next to it we’re California gray so I wonder if he got mixed up?
  4. Snowingamanda


    This year I’ve tried to learn to raise baby chicks. I was down in the ruts and they were so happy and alive, an made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.. but god, it turned out to be a freaking Chick Final Destination movie:( They don’t stop catching me by surprise in many creative and freak ways...
  5. Snowingamanda

    Did I kill my eggs?

    Hi, My first time hatching, so I dong now much about it! I got a still-air turned into forced air styrofoam incubator and set 26 of our cortunix quail’s eggs in it plus three bob white that someone shipped to me as a favor. I had little hope for those because the person sent them a week after...
  6. Snowingamanda

    Hi, can the guru of backyard chickens help ID these chicks?

    Hi, 2-4 weeks ago my 7-yo daughter and I bought these baby chicks at a tractor supply. My daughter is very good at taking care of them (she is a proficient helper!), and we’ve only lost one yesterday (a sibling of #19) to a hawk attack... My daughter keeps asking me to post chick pictures here...
  7. Snowingamanda

    Is this a cleft palate?

    Hi, a couple weeks a ago posted here because my flock died of heat and my mistake. Many wonderful people here comforted me and encouraged to start again. So, 2 days ago I went to a breeder who gets his birds from Cackle Hatchery and vaccinates then. I go to these 2 chicks. Yesterday we noticed...
  8. Snowingamanda

    I killed my flock :’(

    I killed my whole flock. I had them locked in a coop and I did not check in the morning to see that they have been let out, and by the time I discovered the mistake at 4:30 pm the California sun had killed them. I didn’t lock them, I was too tired yesterday after replanting a huge tree, and with...
  9. Snowingamanda

    Why do my chickens crowd each other at night?

    Hi, I’m new to this forum. I had young chickens last year and had no problems with them until in the winter predators stole all of them. A few weeks ago someone gave me 2 chickens and another 2 weeks later someone gave me 4 chickens. These new chickens always crowd in the coop in one corner of...
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