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  1. chickboss

    Chicken diseases and pests that spread to other livestock.

    Just wondering if there were any that tend to be a danger to horses specificly... Thanks in advance!
  2. chickboss

    Hunting guys and gals, have a ?

    I want a rifle that would work well for both deer and elk. My brother and I were considering the Remington 700 young buck (because of the shorter stock) .243 but then my husband brought home a Remington model 700 tactical 6.8mm. After reading some I am thinking that the 6.8mm is going to be...
  3. chickboss

    Pale yolks?

    I was just told by a lady who also sells eggs (she bought some from me because she sells so many that she doesn't have any left for herself) that my yolks were quite a bit paler than hers. Mine are on a locally manufactored organic feed, hers are on the typical Purina fair. Not sure if I am...
  4. chickboss

    Saw huge racoon tonight, is this a shoot on site critter, wait and see

    So that is about it, do I kill it for just being here, not too far off from my birds, or wait to see if it was passing through? It was HUGE. TIA. Edit to say: Going to kill it, so no need to post anymore "kill it" posts. However, if you have any good recipes for racoon, please post 'em...
  5. chickboss

    When is it okay to use pullet eggs for hatching?

    I have some hens that have been laying for two to three weeks and was wondering if it is too early to use them for hatching eggs, for me personally, not to sell. I want healthy chicks, so am in no hurry. They still seem on the small side, but the yolks are rich and everything is well formed...
  6. chickboss

    BR/Mutt Roo over EEs..........

    Any chance any of the resulting hens would lay colored eggs? Thanks!
  7. chickboss

    WTB Four horse trailer in Oregon

    I am located in SW Oregon and am looking to buy a clean, ready to use, four to five horse trailer with a tack room. Considering both BP or GN. Would like to keep it under $6,000.00. Trailer doesn't have to be perfect, but free of needing major repairs. Must have clean title. Thanks~!
  8. chickboss

    Apology for CL ad post...

    Wasn't thinking, sorry. That would be pretty crass for the kiddos and others. I forgot.
  9. chickboss

    CL add for free roo

    Link to non family friendly ad removed.
  10. chickboss

    Just lost 20 chickens to what appears to be a weasle this a.m.

    Well, there are some things that electric netting won't keep out and apparently weasles are on that list. Found twenty of my young chickens dead this a.m. in their movable hay coop. We are trying to pasture them but have found very little on how to do that and keep the structure light weight...
  11. chickboss

    For those of you pasturing your poultry, can I see pics of your set up

    I would like to set up mobil coops to pasture my poultry. Needs to be big enough for 20-40 chickens at a time, something for nests, roosts and preferably moveable by one person. Would love ideas, advice, pictures, ect. Thanks!
  12. chickboss

    Need help, plucked ducks.

    Well, Scruffy the Australian Spotted, is at it again. He was introduced back into the flock about a week ago and showed no signs of wanting to pluck feathers and I thought we were in the clear. I was gone camping for three days while hubby held down the fort, and at some point yesterday...
  13. chickboss

    Nightshade and ducks, errrr!

    We are having some serious water issues and so to make sure that I can take a shower and the ducks can enjoy water all in the same day (lol) I am moving their fenceing to include a spring. As I am making a path in the dense growth for the fence I see the most lovely purple clusters of flowers...
  14. chickboss

    Muscovy Experts help! I just had a horrible thought!

    My Muscovies are 13 weeks old and I have made the assumption that they, because they are somewhat more seasonal layers as I understand it, would not start laying and possibly brooding until next year. But it has dawned on me quite suddenly that I may have been wrong, and if I am wrong, I am...
  15. chickboss

    Introducing a young roo in with flock with established roo..

    I have a mixed flock of various breeds with a BR/cross roo. There are nine hens in there now, but I am about to add four more which would be thirteen. I have, growing them out right now, a pair of Light Brahmas, a roo and a hen, that if at all possible I would like to add to this group when...
  16. chickboss

    Funny comment on my feather picking Aussie

    So, this little guy had to be seperated while the other ducklings finish growing in their wing feathers and so that he doesn't get too lonely we have lavished him with attention. While he was in the bath, he started some mild peeping and my DD said "Aww, he misses his friends.." And I said...
  17. chickboss

    Help, feather picker in Solitary Confinement!

    Don't know what to do with this little guy. He is a 4 1/2 week old Australian Spotted that has been viciously going after the other ducklings new wing feathers and eating them. I have seperated him from the flock because he has bloodied five of the others, but I don't want him/her freaking out...
  18. chickboss

    First case of angle wing * Kathariad, you were right!*

    Well, I was thinking I might be lucky enough to escape this, but one of my young Australian Spotteds is developing angle wing. Do I just wrap it so that it stays close to the body for 4-5 days? This is what I thought I read.
  19. chickboss

    Help! Can I give chicks back to a broddy hen? *Update*

    So I had a hen go broody for the first time and she was sitting on her eggs in a barrel in the coop. My plan was to let her sit and move her once the little one's hatched since there was no way the little chicks could fall out unless moved. However, day before yesterday, there was a awful...
  20. chickboss

    Questions about a natural pond

    I have a small natural pond on my property that I first envisioned using when I purchased out first four ducklings this spring. The pond is fed by a shallow underground spring and then slowly dranins through the earth. After reading more, I was concerned that with such a low inlet/outlet...
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