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    What breed is this Rooster

  2. Robin37

    Myths about Foster Hens and Broody Easter Eggers

    I read article after article on Foster Hens. Yes, Yes, Yes! My Easter Egger Bantam is raising two (one week old) chicks and three (two weeks old) chicks.The first night she rejected the chicks.I read an article that said to give the broody hen an egg shell and she will peck on it. I did this and...
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    Hen breeding hen

    Yes you read it right! I have what I believe to be 4 EE hens. One of my hens just did the complete act of breeding another hen. The one on the bottom stood up and shook herself off just like hens do. What do you think is the deal? I will post some photos of the two chickens in question. They are...
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    J & R 's Coop

    We turned our storage shed into a nice coop!
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    What Is Your Favorite Pickled Eggs Recipe?

    I just last week started pickling eggs. Several recipes called for pickling spice. I bought McCormick pickling spice just to discover that it is sweet. I didn't want sweet pickled eggs. So I. Put a little garlic in the next jar with only vinegar and water. I will try one tomorrow to see how they...
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    Dominique, Barred Rock, Cockoo Maran

    Three breeds of chickens with similar looks. Post pictures of yours and what you know about the difference between the three breeds.
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    At what age did your Roosters start crowing? Are they Bantams or Large Breeds? Tell us about the strange sounds they make when they start crowing.
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    Answer the question then ask one!

    Any question as long as it complies with our BYC rules. I will start with the first question. Have you ever seen a real naked neck chicken? Not a pic. If yes what was your impression of this breed? If no, go ahead and ask your question!
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    Good, Bad, Interesting, Relaxing, You can shout here, You can rejoice here, You can complain here, You can Brag here, You can voice your opinion here! So Speak Up and Out!
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    I see people post questions about when their hens should start laying. I think it would be nice if we share the first egg, the kind of chicken and the age. With pictures if we would like.
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    Has anybody else dreamed of the goings on in BYC threads? I think that I was online to late last night because I had vivid dreams about these threads. Just curious if others have done this or what is your opinion of this. Please any and everybody respond.
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    A lot of people are not getting alerts from the threads that we are watching and interacting in. Including me. Does anyone know why?
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    Solved PERMALINK for a post or thread

    I do not have internet access for my laptop at home, only on my Windows phone and I received the message below. First of all, I do not know what it means, second, I do not think that I can do it from my Windows phone. HELP please!
  15. Robin37

    Feathered Friends Puzzle Game

    This puzzle starts with one word. Each additional word starts with the last letter of the prior word. All words must relate to anything concerning our feathered friends. If the puzzle comes to a stand still the game rules and/or subject can be changed by the threadmaker...
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    Robin's chicken photos

    I have two Blue Andalusian, four Blue Cochins, two Black Cochins, one White Leghorn, one Barred Rock and ten that I am not sure of what they are.
  17. Robin37

    Others in NE GA

    Hello, I am new to BYC. It is suggested that we communicate with people who are near us. For many different reasons like different breeds of chickens thrive in different climates, etc. So, are there NE Georgians out there?
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