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  1. Terrik

    Broody question

    I have a hen that went broody about 4 weeks ago. We put some quail eggs under her but they didn't hatch. How long can she sit and it be safe for her? I make sure she gets up everyday for food and water but I need to know how long to let this go on and how do I break her of it?
  2. Terrik

    one broody chicken and 20 quail eggs

    Recently I've had one of my girls go broody so while I was at work today I was talking to one of the ladies I work with about how to stop her from being broody. She told me that she had 2- quail eggs that the mom had been scared away and hadn't came back so she was incubating the eggs and if I...
  3. Terrik

    Feeding question

    I have a flock that is over a year old. This year I also got 5 babies that are eight weeks old now. I am starting to combine all the girls together but I am worried about the feed. Is it ok for the older girls to be eating the starter food and the babies to be eating the layers food? There is...
  4. Terrik

    Hen dominence?

    I have a nine ladies that have all be together for over a year now. I have caught this hen on top of several other hens at different times and during this time she seems to be trying to mating with them, I guess. The bottom hen will be almost laid out flat and the hen on top will be pulling on...
  5. Terrik

    Hen or rooster

    I got this little lady about 12 days ago. At that time she was suppose to be a day old. With a tail like that already is she a rooster?
  6. Terrik


    About three months ago my husband built my girls a new coop. It is well built with sealed everything and a metal roof. The problem I am having it there is mold growing on the sides and top of the coop. There is not power out to the coop and it is not insulated. I live in Oregon which is wet but...
  7. Terrik

    Foamy eye

    I was just out with my girls letting the free range and I noticed that one of the girls have foam bubbling out of her eye. I caught her and there has been no cough, runny nose or unusual behavior. She's eating and drinking fine also. I have eight other girls and they all are fine. Any idea why...
  8. Terrik

    Scared of snow

    This is my first winter with my girls and last night it snowed for the first time. Their scared of it. They won't walk on it. My son picked one up and put her in the snow and she wanted nothing to do with it, went back to dry land, Lol. Is this common for chickens to do?
  9. Terrik

    Happy girls

    So, under complete protest from my son, hubby called the boy worse then a "mother hen" I have started letting my girls out to "free range" in the yard on the weekend while being supervised. They are so cute and happy with this decision. It's like kids in a candy store. I also found out that the...
  10. Terrik


    We got baby chicks in the spring of which all of them except one have been laying but finally at 40 weeks old she finally laid her first green egg!!!! My son, who has raised the hen is excited because he was tired of hearing us call her a "free loader", LOL.
  11. Terrik

    I just don't wanna

    go to work today! I woudl much rather stay home and play with my girls. Anyone else with me?
  12. Terrik

    I'm a army mom

    I'm an Army mom. I'm couldn't be more proud of my oldest son. Today I received the dreaded call that every army mom knows will come at one point or another "I'm going to Afghanistan." My heart sank. I tried to keep it together while we were on the phone now I can't seem to stop crying. I'm so...
  13. Terrik

    Should I be concerned?

    A few days ago my hen met up with one of our dogs and recieved a sizeable wound from the dog. So far it has been healing well. I've been putting antibiotic ointment on it daily and keeping her in the house until she is healed up. My concern is tonight I went to check on her and she was messing...
  14. Terrik


    My husband is building me a new coop for my girls. What is the suggested height that a roost should be and do most people put the nesting boxes in the coop or outside in the chicken run? Oh, also what kid of boards do you feel are best to make the roosts out of. Dowels, 2x4 ect. Thanks for your...
  15. Terrik

    Hurt chicken

    My son's chicken got out of the coop while the dogs were outside and the dogs got the chicken. She has a wound under her wing that isn't bleeding but her skin is pulled away from the muscle and meat. She is in the house now and resting nicely. She hasn't eaten or drank anything that I know of...
  16. Terrik

    Black walnuts

    I have a black walnut tree and I was planning on racking those leaves up and putting in the chicken run. Is it ok for the girls to have the walnuts also. I don't spray the tree, I ususally just throw all the walnuts away. Can they even crack the shells open? Thanks for the help, new chicken mama...
  17. Terrik


    Recently I got some chickens and have fallen in love with them. I get so excited about the things they do I send pics to my mom, son (who is stationed in Oklahoma in the Army) and my friends. My mom sent a text back to me that read " I use to get cute pics of my grandkids now I get pics of...
  18. Terrik

    How long?

    Yesterday I got to new hens and I put them in the pen after about 24 hrs. Since then they have not got off the roosting post. How long is it safe for them to stay there? I fed then on the post but I'm not sure what to do. I'm worried abou them.
  19. Terrik

    New hens

    Being new to this "hen mother" thing I have a question. We aregetting three new 1 yr old hens tomorrow is there anything I need to do to introduce the new hens to the "old" hens? Thanks for your help and advise in advance.
  20. Terrik

    We found our first egg

    My son called me at work the other day, very excited because he just found our first egg. Today he's been watching the hens closely to see if we get another egg today. LOL:D
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