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  1. cluckcluckluke

    Trouble breathing

    Hey guys, I have a Marans hen that is having some real trouble breathing. Ever since I got her she has always breathed with a bit of a raspy sound and with her mouth open (for about 8 months), but in the last two days it has gotten worse. She keep 'coughing/ honking' (like when they gobble...
  2. cluckcluckluke

    Setting Soon

    Anyone setting on or around this coming weekend (11th-12th)? I just have to collect a few more Wheaten Marans eggs and I'll be all ready to put in my first batch of Marans eggs The incubator has been running well for the past 2 days after a long rest. This years Winter is pretty mild so far...
  3. cluckcluckluke

    Made my roosters spurs bleed! They are still to long.

    I had my first attempt at trimming my roosters spurs the other day. The first one went well then on the second one I went a little to far and his spur started to bleed. It's all Ok now, but both his spurs are still quite long. Is their another way of shortening them without making them bleed or...
  4. cluckcluckluke

    What colour eggs should my pullets lay?

    Ok I have got 3 White Leghorns x Marans pullets ( father is the Leghorn ) and I have also got a Pure White Leghorn which should also start laying soon, or now. Now, the other day I got 1 little brown egg (defiantly a new layers egg) and I thought, ok well then those crosses lay brown eggs. But...
  5. cluckcluckluke

    What is my rooster doing (video)?

    He seems to be yawning, a lot? I have checked his throat and rearranged his crop and there are no blockages or anything out of the ordinary. He eats and drinks well.
  6. cluckcluckluke

    Stressing about Mareks - My ignorance needs to be packed away.

    I really don't have much of an idea on Mareks apart from 'what I have heard', which is: It's the WORST disease. It is VERY common. You will NEVER be able to breed or sell your chickens once they get it. It can travel and last FOREVER. I want to know a rough idea of what Mareks actually is...
  7. cluckcluckluke

    Rooster Chat

    Talking about everything rooster/ cockerel - behavior, meat, sex ID, breeds etc.
  8. cluckcluckluke

    So sand is good for chickens....or not???

    I am getting quite confused, is sand good for chickens or not, or is there no definite answer? This link informs and gives strong points across that is really NOT good for chickens at any age or in any place in the chicken run, coop etc...
  9. cluckcluckluke

    Hatching Geese and Chickens eggs together.

    Hi. Is it at all possible to incubate Pilgrim Geese eggs and chicken eggs in the same incubator???
  10. cluckcluckluke

    Best way to kill my roosters ( these are not meat birds ).

    I have three roosters that I am unable to sell or even give away so it looks like BBQ rooster is on. I just want to know the proper way to kill them. We do not have proper processing tools, just kitchen knifes and an axe?lol?
  11. cluckcluckluke

    Sex-link and patterning White Leghorns.

    At the moment I have a White Leghorn rooster and all the hens that I have crossed with him, the progeny comes out all white with a few grey spot exceptions. What I want, is to not only produce pure White Leghorns, but also create a lovely white and coloured fowl. I would be happy with really...
  12. cluckcluckluke

    Who wants to hatch with me? Went in 04/18/14

    CluckCluckLuke's 2nd BYC hatch-a-long. Has anyone set eggs at the same time as me and wants to share information, hatching tips etc. I have 6 Frizzle X's and 2 Marans X's that went in on the 04/18/2014 at around 8:30pm. They are due on the 05/09/2014. I am hatching in Australia so the...
  13. cluckcluckluke

    Geese for Newbies

    I have been thinking for sometime of getting some Geese and have now decided to start researching them. So first stop, BYC!!! My thoughts and situation: - Thinking 1-2 geese at the start. - I have owned 2 ducks before. - I have enough room to house and can build an extension pond. - I want...
  14. cluckcluckluke

    Can mites get into sand?

    I think it is my area, but my flock are very prone to mites at the moment. I was thinking of putting sand on the roost shed floor ( instead of wood chips, straw etc ) as I have seen it work so well for others. I just want to know, if I do get mites again will I have to shovel all the sand out...
  15. cluckcluckluke


    Ever since I reset my laptop and had to re-download Fire Fox, BYC has been coming up like this. There are twitter symbols over everything!?!?! The home carasole is like this now!?!?! Everything is weird?!?!?! Even when making a new thread the tittle is odd?!?!?!
  16. cluckcluckluke

    What are Kuw Chickens???

    On Instagram there seems to be a large Arabian community ( at least I think that is the language ). Anyway they all seem to have Kuw Chickens, and from what I have been told ( bit hard to understand ) that they are a mixed breed, but some how they breed true so that means they are a breed...
  17. cluckcluckluke

    § Yokohama Thread §

    § Share pictures, information, experience, housing etc all about Yokohama Longtail Fowl §
  18. cluckcluckluke

    So is Frizzle a GENE or BREED?!?!???

    Ok, I have thought that Frizzle what a gene, not an actual breed. I know there is a standard for a frizzle, it has it's own category for showing etc. So does that make it a breed? Please help me understand this.
  19. cluckcluckluke

    Saving needy Geese, Ducks & Sheep, and keeping them with my chickens.

    Could this work successfully? I am thinking of adopting some neglected duck, geese and perhaps sheep and want to know if they would be able to live with my current chicken flock of different ages??? They will sleep separately but it will be to hard to keep them separate all day so they will...
  20. cluckcluckluke

    Question for you longtail and fluffy chicken breeders.

    What do you do when your longtail or extra fluffy flock contract mites or lice? This is like Phoenix, Yokohama, Brahma, pekins etc. I assume you can't dust them with DE as that would break feathers and it would use a lot of DE. I know some people will say they have never had lice or mites, or...
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