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  1. melinda342

    Barred Cochin mix?

    What are your guesses for this rooster? He does have 5 toes. Thanks.
  2. melinda342

    How clumsy are turkey poults supposed to be?

    I have a pair of poults less than a week old. One of which cant walk more than a couple steps without falling over. He sits a lot, especially while eating. This isnt normal, is it? He is eating and drinking just fine and seems to be doing ok otherwise. The other can walk a lot better. Thanks for...
  3. melinda342

    Breeding silkies

    Stupid question here: I'm looking into breeding my silkies. Does it matter if the black breed with the white? How do the genetics work with the colors? Thanks
  4. melinda342

    Update: duckling with a crooked leg

    My duckling is doing well. Unfortunately, due to the slipped tendon he/she will never have use of that leg. But he/she has pretty good balance and keeps up with the flock rather well by hopping around. I think its a female, as it is making quacking sounds (I've heard females get louder and start...
  5. melinda342

    Wry Neck?

    I found a silkie chick in Atwood's bantam bin yesterday. I noticed its bending and twisting its neck in ways I don't think it should and walking backwards when it does that. But it only does it every once in a while usually when I pick it up. Otherwise, it seems pretty healthy and is eating and...
  6. melinda342

    I have to write a research paper

    So for my English class I have to write a research paper. We get to pick the topic, but it has to be an arguable topic. Examples she gave were child abuse, steroid use, anorexia, etc.I want to do something chicken/poultry related, like should backyard chickens be legalized everywhere. Does...
  7. melinda342

    Week old duckling with crippled leg

    I just got a couple ducklings, a week old tomorrow. One has a crippled leg that I didn't notice. He/She seems to be eating and drinking OK, but it is noticeably smaller than the other one. It can move around by hopping. Basically it seems to be doing ok as it is. What is the best thing to do for...
  8. melinda342

    More chicks

    Anyone care to guess breeds? Here's #1 #2 #3 (has feathered feet) #4 #5 #6 1-6 came out of the assorted bantams bin #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 The bonus question! What kind of guinea is this?
  9. melinda342

    Coop ideas

    I'm trying to figure out what coop design would work best for my flock. I currently have 5 adult chickens and 8 chicks But I will be adding to the flock.They are free ranging so I just need somewhere to lock them up at night and a place for nest boxes. I'm located in east Texas so predators...
  10. melinda342

    What are they

    Got 2 of these from Atwood's today. Any ideas on what they are?
  11. melinda342

    Sick chicks

    What is killing my chicks? They've been getting sick one by one. Symptoms include they get weak but still can drink water, can't walk right, and neck gets tremors/spasms sometimes the body. As it progresses, they can't stand or drink water and die. These are 1-2 week chick. They die a day or 2...
  12. melinda342

    Dying chick

    I have a chick I got from tractor supply a couple days ago who is now dying. I don't think she's sick though. Any advice on what to do?
  13. melinda342

    I got a pigeon for Christmas

    At least I think its an English fantail pigeon. I've had parrots before, but not doves or pigeons. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  14. melinda342

    Clipping wings

    Does it matter which feathers you clip? Pictures would be useful.
  15. melinda342

    Sexing silkies

    They are almost 8 weeks old Chick #1 Chick #2 and #3
  16. melinda342

    How do you change laws?

    How do you even start to change laws agains keeping chickens? i would like to but i have no idea what to do. does anyone have any expirience?
  17. melinda342

    how many chickens would this coop support?

    i found plans i like on this website: it claims to support 6-7 chickens. is this true?
  18. melinda342

    how hot can they stand?

    I live near austin texas and it gets really hot in the summer. it has been in the upper 90s-over 100 degrees. how well do chickens (i have silkies and barred rocks) tolerate the heat? they have shade. do they need fans or anything? and i plan on building a coop. What would be the maximum heat...
  19. melinda342

    My chicklets

    Pictures of my chicks(8 Silkies and 2 barred rocks) and their guard dog, Delilah Thor(barred rock) the one chick i should not have gotten attached to...
  20. melinda342

    wanting a small chicken coop

    I would like to build a small, inexpensive, and inconspicuous chicken coop for 2-3 silkie hens. i also have a barred rock rooster but he would sleep inside at night and go out during the day. Any ideas or pictures?
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